Monopoly: iOS / Android Gameplay Part 1 (by Marmalade Game Studio) -

Monopoly: iOS / Android Gameplay Part 1 (by Marmalade Game Studio)

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  1. Visually, it's a nice looking game but cheats big time if you choose the single player algorithm especially for medium and hard play. The computer purchases everything it lands on as long as it has money but never considers mortgaging it's own property to make another purchase. It plays tricks like continually landing you in jail; today I ended up in jail 9 times in a row before it allowed me to pass go. Speaking of jail, it also cheats by sending itself back to jail repeatedly so that it can purchase orange and red properties until it gets a monopoly on them. Luxury Tax should be $75 not $100. No option to choose 10% instead of $200 for landing on income tax. Limitation on how many houses and hotels are available. Only a couple of the original classic pieces are available unless you purchase others. I've seen it collect around $13000 in Free Parking when there should have been just around $500 in there.

  2. Bro how to cancel the property you don't want to buy

  3. Memories of Childhood days with the Family and the Cardboard Box Monopoly 😎

  4. Boooo…initial premium price then a shot ton of IAPs which includes a $40 season pass!

  5. Do like this better than the old monopoly app?

  6. Dont say it's on android when it's not. You didnt even link an android link even if it was.

  7. This game have some bugs dice are stuck on screen

  8. Game for me on android phone is barely playable

  9. Lol… should have let him have it lol is good if u use it correctly hahah

  10. Are you new to this boardgame? It's worth it if you're trying to collect a set colour house so u can start to build and bankrupt other players hahaah

  11. Trade the 2 pinks ahahah and give him few junk he will take it.. computer/ robot is not very intelligent

  12. Wtf did u just dooooo.. u cant play very well jokes

  13. Now he has lots of cash trade him all your M properties in exchange for the 2 pink and ask for some cash

  14. If you quit the game, how can you get back at it?

  15. How do you throw the dice from the corner like other players

  16. It's a huge improvement over what was available before on mobile…I just hope IF they are going to include many more boards with that pricey "season pass"…that if they start adding the Simpsons ones, the Dragonball ones, the Nintendo ones, the Pokemon, the Game of Thrones ones, the Star Wars ones/etc…they also include the special rules to those boards plus their special tokens…otherwise it's pointless…hell if they want us to cough up that money for the "season pass" they better go all the way or just drop it altogether.

  17. How do you use the get out of jail free card in this game? I been trying to use it and I don't know how. Please tell me

  18. Dude watching you play Monopoly aggravates me

  19. Game keeps crashing for me, on Android. Anyone else?

  20. Hello , who want to create a game and play against me ?

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