Monopoly live ( proof that the game is FAKE!) motor controlled?! -

Monopoly live ( proof that the game is FAKE!) motor controlled?!

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  1. zit_hacker01 on Instargram has the best gambling techniques and cheats you all need to win try him he is legit..

  2. Why no one sue them still now? Someone in UK sue them please

  3. Why did u not show when he pushes it too hard 😂 what motor u talking about 🤣🤣

  4. Idk why he is being so sketchy trying to say the wheel is 3000kg which it isn’t , that’s like 7500 pounds. But you can see the reason it’s not slowing down is because the thing that lands on the number is broken and isn’t giving and resistance, not proof of a motor, it’s physics, nothing stopping it

  5. It’s not only the wheel which is controlled , the dices are too controlled with magnets.
    They just build the ultimative money robbing machine names crazy time…

  6. the flapper is what slows the wheel down. seeing in this clip as it broke and it's so loose, it's barely putting any resistance on the wheel. but notice from the beginning to near the end it is slowing down, just really slowly. it's not motor controlled. when the flapper is more rigid, it pushes harder to slow the wheel down. notice how it didn't even have the resistance to "pull" it back by the peg on the 2 at the end? yeah.

    learn your wheels bro.

  7. every game is fake on that site, every game is programmed to give you a little from time to time enough for you to keep betting and giving them more money
    on every 1k dollars you win you will lose at least 5k

  8. Yes this is fake gambling online,fake game

  9. ofc is motor, thats why they tell you they have no power in the wheel. a pc generates the result so its always random. not a scam

  10. Evolution blackjack and baccarat big win says:

    every online gambling is fake and this big big big SCAM

  11. Reasoning behind this, is that the loaded spring snapped, therefore the flapper no longer excerted real force onto the wheel that would stop it in reasonable time.
    You guys with the fake spamming are really funny tho 😀
    I can't stop watching your nonsense 😀

  12. Online casinos has just discovered a device that runs with no energy

  13. The players stop it by there feet watch when u play they don't stand still . So the floor pads must have been stuck

  14. Of course it a rigged game just like everything in a casino

  15. yes and if the flapper was the reason for that wheel speed why evolution mostly stop the video transmission if something like that happen they always close room.

    and not showing that they change the flapper and its going fine ,they never show behind the wheel cause they are scammers ( and there has to be a motor which change the outcomes as they wish ( speed up and slow down).

  16. That shit just kept spinning, I’m fucking laughing my ass

  17. Ppl will still this and still play.. smh. Including myself.

  18. Some people be like it happens it's not riggeddd 😂😂😂😂😂

  19. Such a boring game can wait hours for no bonus it pays once a week have to be very lucky to be on Crazy time much better value

  20. That s a scam.
    When some players as Letgivitaspin win they are paid by casinos.

  21. fake games dnt play guys its totally fake n scam dnt waste ur money

  22. אם יש כאן מישהו שבא מרונן שיתן👍

  23. Who the f puts money on 1 and 5 on monopoly live, worst 2 bets on the wheel

  24. All online casinos are doing cheating. They fool the people by controlling the games and start chasing/ targeting the winning customers.

  25. If you have land based casino please go there instead of playing online.

  26. Hello I have worked there. Its all fake and there is a motor as you can see. RNG decided the outcome.

  27. All game are fake,total control by motor or software..

  28. Good job bro, casino make for fraud. Catch all money 💸, player always lost money…

  29. Of course its controlled😂 do you think they can spin it randomly and lose their money?

  30. All Evaluation games are biggest scam games but no one complain to Malta gaming authority

  31. This isnt rigged its just broke, the crazy time / wheel for this is with a motor to make sure the odds are to what they publish publicly as. Spinning the wheel like this with out it being controlled would actually be more rigged or atleast not controlled. The person spinning is only to add a show ect and make it more enjoyable to play and talk ect.

  32. Good job ! I hate all of em they stealing your money in disgusting way . Fuck evolution gambling 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  33. That is why the results are predetermined after a cycle of results and it continues and continues.

  34. thank you after this video I stopped playing all well game also I am worried about ether game too

  35. Last week on money drop the flapper stopped on 2000x then flipped to the one next to it 😡😡 absolutely vile robbers they are

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