Monopoly: Longest Game Ever - Play Until Someone Wins -

Monopoly: Longest Game Ever – Play Until Someone Wins

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We’ve got a copy of Hasbro’s obvious troll version of Monopoly called Monopoly: Longest Game Ever. We’re committing to play this until one of us is the winner. Is it even possible?

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  14. If players cannot buy mortgaged properties, can you just mortgage every property you own until you own everything?

  15. When we were younger we would take 4 monopoly boards and put all the GOs in the same corner. When you completed one board you would continue to the next board. All properties in play. It amazes me that this is basically that (Although only 3 boards so we had it beat :P). I want to own this now.

  16. Nice game! once played a single game of monopoly for 18 hours, from 2 pm to 6 am the next day! Started with 5 players.

  17. of course you didn't play with 6 players. cowards… you should've also had a house rule where each version of the property is considered a different property with its own card

  18. And im also attempting it this is ez to win

  19. Longest Game every version 2 people 4 hours with 3 people playing could be 5 or 6 hours

  20. The original Monopoly game takes 2 hours to play this version takes 4 hours

  21. Is it bad that this is how long regular games of monopoly takes for me

  22. There ought to also be a community chest card that declares a pandemic and for several turns, nobody has to pay any rent, there's large stimuluses from the bank, and if you come within 6 spaces of an opponent you keep going until you're 6 away.

  23. Whoever watch this full is either a madman or just really likes this

  24. only real way to keep your properties safe is make the rent really high so they dont have enough so they cant add 10 dollers to it

  25. Way to go guys. I didn't get to watch most of it, but I had an amazingly good time watching the parts I did get to watch.

  26. You guys are insane. Me and my family are going to attempt to play as well, but I honestly don't know if we will make it…

  27. I have a monopoly game of my town in england

  28. Trent Phil Im Sorry For Spamming Its A Meme I'm Sorry Plz Forgive Me

  29. Was fun to watch hope y’all try some other monopoly editions

  30. God Forgive these men cursed souls from the demonic wrath of putrid time

  31. Playing right now, we came to a halt, one player has no money and properties and is in jail, according to these rules he cant get out, so were stuck, we play with 2, any advice

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  33. I have one question what stores can you buy this in california

  34. The guy on the right looks like a slightly nerdier Owen Wilson

  35. This Board Game is a good game from the original monopoly longest game ever is very good to play with only one dice

  36. Remember that you can rip bills in half for full value of each half. Therefore he doesn't win.

  37. "Finally! I have created the perfect hotel!"
    "Here's $110 I would like to buy it."

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