Monopoly: Longest Game Ever Unboxing -

Monopoly: Longest Game Ever Unboxing

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We bought a copy of Hasbro’s newest Monopoly game which seems more like the company trolling players than a real game. Now we’re unboxing it and just like our announcement video of it, if this gets to 1,000 likes my co-founder Phil & I will play it all the way though!

Monopoly: Longest Game Ever Announcement:

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  1. I’ll be here when you get YouTube famous 😂😂😂✅

  2. I'm like #59. Got a ways to go…

  3. It’d probably take Mr. Beast offering $10,000+ to actually complete this game.

  4. Earned a sub! Love to see this game in action, for sure! Awesome looking game!

  5. Wow, I was just thinking that the original Monopoly board is a bit small and there should be a bigger more with more stuff. This is exactly it!

  6. Hasbro has officially gone off the rails.

  7. hi, i would be very interested where you bought this?

  8. Hi please I’m looking to buy this. Where can I find it?

  9. Rubber bands! Never. Better to put cards in baggies too.

  10. The original one takes hours and hours this one will take a day

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