Monopoly Madness - A BRAWLING BOARDGAME?! (4-Player Gameplay) -

Monopoly Madness – A BRAWLING BOARDGAME?! (4-Player Gameplay)

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Stumpt tries out Monopoly Madness! You’ve gotta suck up money, power, water, and power ups. And then use those resouces to buy up and upgrade property!

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  1. I love your videos. You've helped me and my wallet. I'll be picking this up on sale

  2. This looks confusing but fun. I’m not sure if I will try it though, maybe sometime.

  3. I was excited for this game until I seen gameplay videos of this, not so much now. It looks so convoluted and messed up. This is definitely NOT Monopoly. Pass. Or I should say, do not pass go, do not collect $200

  4. 🤔. I like the game interesting but I would say this not Monopoly and thank you for playing. 👍🏿💜🙂

  5. The "Strike" ability (the house with sights on it) makes you pay a bit of money so the house does not go to the person who put the strike on your house!

  6. I mean, this game makes the other Ubisoft failure at Monopoly look comparatively awesome. Maybe that was their plan all along, just like how the last Star Wars trilogy makes the Anakin trilogy look awesome, simply because it's not the last trilogy.

  7. Do this again! I love this chaotic game play.

  8. Aenna is a perfect substitute for Price. Now Price doesn't have to be forced to play these types of games anymore but we can still experience their terribleness.

  9. Hmm… is it okay for me to say I'm not really inpressed with this game? It's like if Overcooked decided to be simpler, and… involved real estate. I feel like it doesn't do anything inventive with the Monopoly I.P. (which, credit, it's hard to change the formula, but…), just take something that already works and paint it in the board game's colors.

    Watching Stumpt play it makes it interesting, and I like what you guys put out, but… by itself, the game is kinda meh.

  10. When I saw this game I couldn’t wait to see you all play it! But I got to say I’m a little bit disappointed. Definitely a game I’d rather pick up on sale.

  11. More like Monopoly Sadness. This is the bass-tard child of a Kirby game and traditional Monopoly.

  12. When Monopoly is a battle royale instead of just a board game.

  13. I thought it was that mobile monopoly that you guys play a few days ago and I'm really happy then I was like "oh nevermind"

  14. Hmm… not sure about this one chief, ubi, man, soft.

    edit: fun video tho.

  15. I'm not a fan. Don't want to see more. Yet if you made more I'm stupid enough to watch them.

  16. This is cute , but I really like the last monopoly you guys played. Nostalgic bargaining , cut throat plays, and GO TO JAIL!

  17. I can't even understand what's happening.

    Ubisoft just can't make a good Monopoly game.

  18. Too crazy. Calling it madness seems to be rather fitting for this game.

  19. I disliked this video because I don't care to listen to these guys complain the whole time. I will not recommend this video to anyone because it is a real downer.

  20. Is it just me or does Anne look like they should be in Ouran Host Club?

  21. The monopoly man’s eyes make me want to tear mine out

  22. this is not monopoly, this is just disgusting how they ruined their formula.

  23. I wish we would get a good Classic Monopoli for PC.

    So far every digital Monopoly s** hard. 🙁

  24. This was kinda cool. Maybe once you get to know the mechanics better, your gameplay will evolve to be less "what the heck am I doing" and more of your guys's fun banter and take-that moments.

  25. Can you play it Coop and online with friends at the same time? Like overcooked or sackboy…

  26. That has gotta be the worst game ever and I love monopoly

  27. This is one of the most unique and fun party games I’ve played in years. Looking forward to playing with friends and going nuts without a huge competitive cutthroat feeling you get from Mario party or Mario kart

  28. ash had noooo idea what he was doing lol

  29. so they've made it twitch-based as a board game on console is lumbersome and boring, but this just seems chaotic. Maybe it's the right direction though.

  30. What next? Monopoly punch out; where you face off against Mr Moneybags in a pseudo Mike Tyson's punch out game using gold bricks as power ups instead of stars? I get jealous of some of the games Stumpt plays, and then there is this and I'm thankful they played it so I don't have to.

  31. I am gobsmacked at what I just watched 😂 I can’t decide if that’s a good thing or not!
    Hey still happy to watch y’all 🥰

  32. Downloaded it and played it, the mechanics feel a little bit like Overcooked. It DOES take a little while to figure out, but I'm hooked. A great change of pace from Anno, Assasin's Creed, Doom Eternal or StarCraft 2. I'd give it a shot if you like a kind of "Unreal Domination-style"' approach to Monopoly.

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