MONOPOLY Madness - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch -

MONOPOLY Madness – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch

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Rediscover the MONOPOLY you love in a way you’ve never seen before. With shorter rounds, race other players across the chaotic streets of Monopoly City, collect resources, buy and upgrade properties, mess with your opponents and avoid their tricks to win the race for riches. This is Madness!

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  1. Ahhh Monopoly…. The age old game that was designed to highlight the flaws inherent in unregulated capitalism that we turned around and taught was how business(people) should act to screw over the populace for selfish reasons. I love this game.

  2. ia m being playing roblox since i was 7 i am please get me to least 100 subscribers

    biggest fan of bonelesstv my epic is turtleninja914

  3. All of this looked nice, until I saw ubisoft Logo.

    I have played monopoly plus on PC before with my friends, worst experience ever.
    It requires Uplay, it is full of bugs and we had to restart the game several times so we could invite each other to the lobby, then the game is also bugged, sometimes the lobby gets stuck and u can't invite people anymore, we were 6 players trying to do a lobby and we haven't been able to play because of the problems and we gave up and never touched the game again.

    When it worked, it was fun, because that's how monopoly is. But it lacked functionality, we couldn't do anything if it wasn't our turn, the online multiplayer looks like a local multiplayer over lan, your controls are disabled if it's not your turn, you can't even check the board or other information on the board if it's not your turn, this makes the game take so long because of this, you are constantly watching people go over the board to check stuff

  4. 88,521 views views? only 2.3k likes? I'm pretty sure there's ALOT of dislikes. Mine included. lol

  5. Mr. Monopoly: aight how’s mah old town doin’…

  6. from the company that wants to sell NFTS in video games

  7. Why the guy destroyed the bird's house?! So rude!

  8. Well I was kinda interested,, but that trailer showed me nothing about the game forget it lol

  9. Did anyone else think the Pelican was going to fly into the plane engine since it's called Monopoly Madness? 🤣

  10. Oh god this looks so chaotic, I can't WAIT to see the Game Grumps play this

  11. What did i just watch.. I might just stick with the board game..

  12. This seems like a game me and my friends would love to play basically Monopoly if it was a Mario Party mini-game

  13. Let's keep in mind that the goal of Monopoly is to literally drive everyone else into poverty, while you sit back and collect their rent.

  14. Mr monopoly: sees town on fire
    Mr monopoly: gets instant heart attack

  15. Nintendo… you already made me buy monopoly for the switch. how dare you try to pull this fast one on me?

  16. so, does this have cheating IA like the previous Monopoly?

  17. sorry for the stupid question but is it paid?

  18. Definitely seems like fun and infuriating, like monopoly normally is

  19. I’m lost but intrigued at the same time 🤯

  20. Wait… What was I even watching? Oh boy.

  21. Can't wait to get this see what I get for christmas first

  22. Song is Morning Good Morning by Pat Reyford

  23. Lol, they're trying so hard to make Monopoly not the worst game ever invented

  24. It looks interesting, but also very confusing. I saw it's $29.99 on Switch, I added it to my Wishlist. If it goes on sale for cheaper later, I may buy it.

  25. Monopoly for people who don’t like monopoly

  26. This looks nothing like a Monopoly game. But very interesting. I'm going to buy the new one that just released on Switch. Monopoly + Monopoly Madness. Two in one. 😉

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