Monopoly Millionaires' Club - Winner #2 -

Monopoly Millionaires’ Club – Winner #2

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Let’s do this the easy way, shall we?


  1. The women who was playing this game could be seen in the background with her husband in the first video that shows the first millionaire.

  2. Well I am wandering wats in the Mediterranean avenue ?????????

  3. i just read that this game show was filmed in Las Vegas… How ironic that Monopoly a game based on Atlantic City streets was filmed in Vegas… why Not Atlantic City?

  4. acara kayak gini di indonesia, bakal jadi 1 jam, karna 5x roll dice 5x pula dramanya

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  6. if you land in the go to jail space the game is not over you win

  7. had a great time where does your husband works

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  9. Me next time I am playing Monopoly.

    Me lands on income tax: Cool a free spin.

    My family: that not right!

    Me: Want me to show you the video?

    Show video

    My family: Wow never knew that. Lol

  10. That dude must weigh more than the entire board.

  11. Billy Gardell should be given a chance to Host JEOPARDY! Between that voice, his command of the game, and stage presence, he makes me think of Art Fleming.

  12. This show should be called "FIRE UP THAT ROCKIN ROLLER"

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