Monopoly Mod in Among Us -

Monopoly Mod in Among Us

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Today we add a New monopoly Multiplayer in Modded Among Us

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Mod By: @Lookumz

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  1. hey bro when u do part 100 trust me u will be 10m sub or higher

  2. This was a AMAZING video! I love monopoly i play it so much! Keep up the good content

  3. "No wait I don't have mono that's bad" I CAN'T. THIS IS SO FUNNY

  4. CharlieGreenThe5thfangirlforlife246AKARosiePosie says:


  5. CharlieGreenThe5thfangirlforlife246AKARosiePosie says:

    Also this isn't Among Us anymore

  6. been here since 2015.every video he manage make me to smile

  7. I have a idea there’s a game called sorry you can do that I like the imposter hast to make sure the cremains doesn’t get there a little ponds all around the board and he hast to kill them four times every time he kills someone upon disappears

  8. And the crewmates job is to take the pads all around the board and then when they do that it will show them where a key is and they have the key and then they can escape

  9. i have monopoly fortnite edition but in real life

  10. He could have made it if u land on a railroad he would go to another one then another one on loop

  11. Hello, I'm the owner of Monopoly and I classify this video amazing (p.s. not really the owner)

  12. Ssundee,you had 12854 money,the richest man in monopoly is the impostor😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉

  13. funny thing is that I bot every property in monopoly

  14. it did not turn blue its black hmm a little sussy

  15. I had mono in 2nd grade for 6months it sucked

  16. In December you should have a different subscriber each vid for Christmas as a gift to your subscribers

  17. pov ssunde= ToDaY In AmOnGuS. his vids are good tho

  18. What would be more broken was if you put a trap on luxury tax and then your railroad so then they would have to pay both

  19. Supposed to do tasks instead of playing it’s all about among us or that’s not the point of playing

  20. Risk Among us Mod!! Every task you build your army/ new abilities(air strikes/nuke/grenades/ sniper/ tanks ECT..) to take over other crewmates area!! Please please please LOL

  21. Among Us -The Omega Virus (anyone remember the game The omega virus game?)

  22. I have an idea for a mod….a jewelry shop crewmates try to Rob and imposter stops them

  23. Loozuzms or what ever won the lottttry because 777

  24. I play a lot of monopoly, and the best strat is to get the pink, orange, and red, cuz they are neither cheap nor expensive. If you upgrade these to the max, you will be getting thousands of monopoly dollars. You will also make “death zones” where the chance of landing somewhere is so high, that it is almost guaranteed.

  25. by the way ssundee the like button does not turn blue anymore it has an animation and turns into black sooo stop sayin make the like button turn blue its wrong I hope you read this comment bye!😇

  26. SSundee you had 13 thousand Monopoly money

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