Monopoly (Nintendo DS) - Game Play -

Monopoly (Nintendo DS) – Game Play

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This is Monopoly for the Nintendo DS (DS)

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  1. I'm playing this rn and it's soo addicting to play. The AI in this game be tripping too. Ive landed on income tax like 5 times, the AI? Only once. They also tend to upgrade their properties as soon as its my turn and i of course land on them.😂

  2. Top hat is bankrupt all property has passed to ironDog is bankrupt all property has returned to the bankRace car is bankrupt all property has passed to iron

  3. Who the Frick leaves two plates of donuts, a cup of coffee and even a bowl of Cheetos next to the Monopoly board?Mr. Monopoly with his fingeres covered in Cheeto dust: Who me? Couldn't be!

  4. Liked. Finally the first Monopoly video game that has relaxing elevator music.

  5. Remember house party 1990 where pops is stopped by cops while looking for. His son and when he asks questions cop number 1 asks whats with all the questions what it this jeopardy and pops replies nah it ain't jeopardy it ain't monopoly either

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