Monopoly on Nintendo Switch - 20 MINUTE LOADING TIMES?! -

Monopoly on Nintendo Switch – 20 MINUTE LOADING TIMES?!

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UPDATE: Ubosoft seems to have fixed the glitch with the release of update 1.0.2.

Monopoly on the Nintendo Switch has some major, game-breaking bugs. Be ready to wait… and wait…and wait.


  1. My opinion, this could’ve been streamlined in so many ways. NES Monopoly had turns that went faster than this. Why these companies feel they need to add all this fluff to games like this is beyond me.

  2. "i just bought monopoly for the nintendo switch" well theres your problem there.

  3. I used to play Monopoly on the old handheld gamecom. Good battery life, terrible screen, but far better than this.

  4. Thanks for letting me know Perception was out on Switch.

  5. I really wish they'd patch it soon. I've been excited for this game and now that I finally bought it, this happens..

  6. Same problem.!in online 2hours waiting 😐😐😐

  7. so far, this game seems great. only problem.. well, im no framerate whore and i can easily settle for 30FPS but this game dips below 20 at times. it sucks. also the sound the pieces make when you move along the board are out of sync and, to me, are too slow.

  8. Fucked up thing too is playing the game with just the default classic board with no frills actually helps some. It’s still not perfect but it’s better than currently playing with those living boards.

    I think my big issue with the living boards is that I know the game can’t be doing that damn much for it to get bogged down in performance like this. This is unoptimization like a fiend.

  9. I expected more from this game. Even without the glitches, the visuals aren't all that. Even my iPad version has better animation; the dog actually runs on the board. I'll wait for this game to go on a serious sale before I'll even consider purchasing it.

  10. Hold power button down and select power off. Then start the game again. Worked for me.

  11. Damn. Was gonna get this too. Good job ubi! Lol

  12. I got it on the 31st (release day) and that didn't happen to me. It didn't take that long. I mean it did take several minutes (but that includes downloading updates and what not). I think I had to wait like 5-10 minutes for the updates and what not to finish before I could play.

  13. I mean Ubisoft fucked up Tetris so this isn't surprising

  14. you might as well just play actual Monopoly…

  15. asks: I don't like the view! Is there not an overview of the entire board? Where you see the start & the other players? I like the classic view as you move around the board! Just let me know if it has different camera angles to choose from? Otherwise this version sucks!

  16. We all thought Sonic 06 and Sonic Boom were bad in terms of loading screens

  17. Maybe every time you start the game, someone has to setup a board behind the scene. Lol

  18. It's patched, for the patch to work just reboot the Switch

  19. The loading times were so long I thought this was skyrim.

  20. "There's no better time to play monopoly than right now!"
    20 minutes later…

  21. Yo can I get your friend code for the switch I have monopoly for the switch too and need more people to play with. I also got the loading bugs and I talked to the Ubisoft support team, they said that they were already working on it

  22. What bugs me most is how did no one in the development team noticed this? I assume they have a devkit in their office. Has anyone ever booted it up after finishing the game? Maybe the day one patch fixes somethings and breaks loading times, but then again they must have booted the patched game at least once before releasing the patch.
    It’s impossible they never got this issue at least once. I think this is yet another rushed lazy port with unoptimized graphics and huge bugs no one had time (or even cared) to fix. Huge disappointment. I was a bit curious about this game; now I’m steering clear away.

  23. Yo! Is there a way that I can get footage of just the boot up load screen, not edited?

  24. maybe this video should be removed or annotated that the loading problems are fixed. Anyway as of this comments date the loading problem is solved

  25. do we need extra controller if we want to play more than 2 players?

  26. maybe it just came broken or it doesn't work at all 🙁

  27. I downloaded the game. It has ver. 1.0.2 the loading screen is faster. I hopping one day I can play it online with other.

  28. Didn't know Roller Coaster Tycoon World was released on switch.

  29. How the fuck does Ubisoft always fuck up this much? With so many games

  30. Does it require always online connection?

  31. This issue is because you have the game in SD memory card, the console storage space or in the actual game that you put in the console?
    I was planing to buy it but now…

  32. Lol. Why would they send you a review copy? You're a nobody with very few subs. What a fucking tool. Why don't you get a job and buy your own games loser?

  33. Reminds me of Lego City Undercover for the Wii U. Insanely long loading screens. What a joke. Here's an idea. Saran wrap the game and return it to the store.

  34. Can someone let me know if this problem is fixed?

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