Monopoly Party (GAMECUBE) Quick Game -

Monopoly Party (GAMECUBE) Quick Game

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Game ends abruptly (for a good reason).Can’t spoil the surprise. :))))) (cries)


  1. that beeping is so annoying. dont think I would buy that game.

  2. I did a couple of vids on the ps2 one

  3. You make me sick, for a number of reasons.

    Not actually, just me being salty about how you gave away properties without bidding them up. You also didn't hotel your BEST money makers on both the light blues and purple. You only did the lower ones? The second purple was 500 with the hotel, while the other one is HALF.

    THEN you sold houses instead of mortgaging properties. You're a monster! D;
    (All sarcasm by the way, sorry your game didn't go well.)

  4. I never played this version but I played the board Monopoly version but I'm so sorry I can't play Monopoly anymore with my Grandma passed away this y2018 on Sunday January 7th of this year 2018

  5. My moms used to love this game and I just sat there and watched her play it😭❤️

  6. At the end player 1 "I believe you will have to mortgage some of you're property"
    Stops recording haha 😆

  7. I was disappointed to see how they used party in the title of this game.

    I was hoping for this to be Monopoly with a Mario Party twist.

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