Monopoly Plus - #1 - IT'S GOOD TO OWN LAND! (4 Player Boardgame Gameplay) -

Monopoly Plus – #1 – IT’S GOOD TO OWN LAND! (4 Player Boardgame Gameplay)

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Stumpt Plays Monopoly Plus! A very pretty digial boardgame version of Monopoly! We race to own the most last and bankrupt everyone else!

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  1. Wow, who trades park place for 2 stations? Even if u owned all 4 stations, landing on them 10 times will be equivalent to landing on broad walk with hotel once

  2. I’d say, price is the only one of them who has a brain

  3. Guy was with monocle! Always in monopoly game

  4. Idk if you're gonna see this post, anyway, about the houses you couldn't buy, there's a limit of 32 houses in the game (if you gus played irl it would be obvious because you'll just run out of houses).

  5. Rik is competitive and talks trash, Price is competitive and salty, no one is going to win this game. Monopoly takes a VERY specific kind of laid back to be able to be fun and have winners.

  6. If i can't run the bank and slip money from it (on the sly) I don't wanna play.

  7. Why is there so much screaming with you Americans?

  8. I know this is a year old but if any of you see this, you guys can definitely just share your screen on discord for games like these and just have whoever is hosting click/move for you

  9. Guys the whole video y’all keep getting scammed by trading for example 27:01 That’s totally a scam, the money didn’t increase much.

  10. You guys basically just gave the game to jazz and price with those dumbass deals

  11. MY GOD PEOPLE DON'T KNOW THE RULES TO MONOPOLY?? Jeezus. You buy the property, or the others can buy it at auction. There is no other option in the rules. People skip this rule, which is why they complain about the game lasting forever.

  12. People: Pokémon is the best trading card game
    me an intellectual

  13. My great-aunt loves telling the story of how she was sent one of the first copies of Monopoly because she just so happened to make friends with one of the developers during a train ride.

  14. OK, ain´t a big deal- take ur dirty properties lol love ur voice guys

  15. I thought if you couldn’t get the property bc your low on cash you can mortgage your own property to get the property.. I guess I learned something new

  16. I remember once when I was playing pokemon monopoly, I had a “death row” basically, any property on the last row. I had maxed out. I made somebody give me all their property in order to not get financially murdered by me.

  17. OMG THERE IS A RABBIT (not the animal but ubisofts version of minions)

  18. if only it sped up every time they said finnicky

  19. I can't believe I watched the whole video and didn't even notice it is one hour long… 😀

  20. Lol, the rabbit just loss most of his money by profiting the others by dealing 0v0

  21. Must each player have the game to play? Or can all players use the same desktop to play

  22. This game, at the time of this video, was actually about 5 years old. Now it's 6 years old.

  23. My favorite token was the rabbit I love how he rides in a fire sting wisher

  24. These people are so friendly in this game of monopoly. Very unlike the ones I usually watch, kind of unnerving to see them not try to dick each other over.

  25. Everybody gangster til someone puts a house on community chest

  26. Prices of houses/hotels in case you didn't know:
    Bottom: 50
    Left: 100
    Top: 150
    Right: 200

  27. They definitely need to make a Godzilla version of this.

  28. You need to play this again and play it in Auctioneer it's the best

  29. you guys are not very good at this game but at least you had fun.

  30. CAT in a Box Cloud Hosting - Design & Video says:

    I saw this and I new everyone's going to rage alot.

  31. Well, it was mentioned that somebody would probably mention if there's a way to more easily go through adding money to trades, so, I'd hate to disappoint. 😉

    From the Steam discussions, it sounds like you can use the arrow keys to more quickly increase/decrease the amount of money after clicking the money bar. Quoted from the discussion in question: "Little late, but for others sake: Rather than spamming right click, press and hold the right arrow key on keyboard. It goes super quick. You have to click on the $ bar of the player first though of coarse."

  32. I mean once you get a set f**k everyone else when someone tries to get me to trade them their set I make them clean out at least hahahaha

  33. Rick bitching about everything property related.
    "Shut up, Rik IT MAKES THE GAME END FASTER!!!!"

  34. You can't say "I j'accuse" XD
    The "j'" already means "I"

  35. How did you get to play this game online??? Mine doesn't.

  36. wow you guys really don't know any games before you play them huh?

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