Monopoly Plus Gameplay (PS4) -

Monopoly Plus Gameplay (PS4)

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My gameplay of Monopoly Plus For PS4 Also available on PS3, Anyway I hope you enjoy the Video.
Monopoly Plus For 14.99 at PlayStation Store Link:

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  1. Fun because it’s monopoly. Disappointing because they could’ve done it way better, or I’m missing something. Seems unless I pick one I only play against the cat or the hat. No option to adjust money so every game you’re forced to only have 1500. Also you can’t set the rules aside from choosing one, free parking, land on go etc. would’ve been nice to fully customize a game with all the available options. I love the Super Nintendo version a lot more than this.

  2. Why ain’t there LONDON MAP? Is it a setting so you can play different MAPS?

  3. Can anybody say me wich is the STANDART Monopoly for PS4 ??
    There are many Monopoly for Ps4 ( plus, family fun, deal ……….)
    Wich one is the usually Monopoly ?

  4. I don't know how to do the SPEED DIE game

  5. can players from famillie fun pack play together with players that only have monopoly plus

  6. Do i need PS plus to play online monopoly?

  7. To play this game on PS4: ALWAYS TURN YOUR INTERNET OFF before starting this game!! Otherwise, it will keep crashing. I saved you $5.99. But it's my oldies game so heck yea, i bought it, regardless no online mode. I am not sure about PS3 version.

  8. Can you play this online with your friends? Or is it just online with whoever they choose for you?

  9. It’s good apart from everyone dropping out when it doesn’t go their way

  10. Huhu kann man dass spiel über einen TV mit 2 spielern spielen oder oder nur online?

  11. I hate that the host player lost and quit the game

  12. This game is total garbage. Do not waste your money. You will be mad.

  13. Only two board design? I remember monopoly ps 2 had a lot of designs and the future theme is my fav.

  14. Monopoly Plus Game one my favourite games!!!!!!!

  15. Does it have offline multiplayer?

  16. are there still people playing this game online? i am thinking of buying this game.

  17. This game was so biased to favour the dumb AIs on the hardest mode.

  18. No way Mr Monopoly is not more in the game

  19. Essa porcaria de empresa que faz esse jogo deveria punir esses doentes mentais mau perdedores que quando vê que vai falir desconecta e sai de propósito! Tem que ter punição esse lixo de jogo

  20. Play it at hard next time ( all the opponents set at hard level )

  21. Thank you. I really like the detailed gameplay you added…it's on sale for Xbox right now so your video really helped me to understand the overall experience.

  22. This game sucks. You have to play with 6 players always, and it’s like waiting forever for your turn, just to have a shitty roll. Playing with AI is terrible

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