Monopoly Plus - Hack Game Too Strong -

Monopoly Plus – Hack Game Too Strong

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I sure hope no one notices these voice activated hacks I bribed Hasbro to insert into our Monopoly Game. #MonopolySwiftor


  1. Dude is this the only game that you play or are there some others also

  2. It's tough having random raffle winners as participants in your stream content. Sometimes they have tech issues (voice/internet) and sometimes they just make questionable plays that compromise the whole outcome of the game. I don't think Supa did anything problematic here, but it interrupted the flow of the game for sure to have to teach him.

  3. Hey man, just discovered ur channel and I think it’s awesome how u love Monopoly

  4. just don’t have him then instead of talking shit to him cuz they prolly makes him feel worse you bald headed sack of shi

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