MONOPOLY Plus Launch Trailer [North America] -

MONOPOLY Plus Launch Trailer [North America]

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MONOPOLY Plus brings the classic game into a rich, vibrant world on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 & PS3. For even more MONOPOLY fun, check out MONOPOLY Family Fun Pack online or in-store today! Learn more at


  1. Why dafuq no pc?….just please give me one logical explanation!…dam ubisoft use to be one of the best and recently with a lot of games its either bs for everyone or for pc gamers..

  2. If anybody is looking for a good player to play with, add me on ps4 my psn is majestic180, i have a mic too

    It's almost impossible to finish a game because if the Host disconnects everyone gets kicked. Which is the same as saying that if the host bankrupts, everyone is out. There's no Host migration. What a shame.

  4. To play 4 human players do you have 4 controllers or is there a pass and play option?

  5. Hey buddy can you play online with random people over the world or is it just local?

  6. Why can't monopoly plus and the family fun pack monopoly plus people play together?

  7. in order to play 4, 3 or 2 player offline do you have to have 4, 3 or 2 controllers or is there a pass and play option?

  8. Is this Family Fun Pack? dont get it….

  9. pc Players Plz Stop Saying Bad Words Because There No Monopoly Plus Stop Being Jelly And Buy A Ps4/Xbox One They're Better Than PC

  10. Can someone please answer me? Are you able to play with up to 3 other friends on here?

  11. Can you play this online against random players??

  12. My favorite game since childhood. I wanted to buy this on steam but after seeing mixed reviews, I don't want it now. Kindly fix the multiplayer bug issue where friends gets disconnected or not able to join. Thanks!

  13. Here are the 4 problems with the new monopoly game.


    #2 Characters glitching through buildings… I mean come on it's a monopoly game
    it is not that hard to make.

    #3 Dice hit the player (When Thrown)

    #4 People with OCD WILL HATE THIS GAME!

  14. I have Monopoly family pack how do i play with friends with Monopoly Plus?

  15. Excuse fucking me, buut i dont think u can do that chief 0:50

  16. Hey Ubisoft, just bought this game for PS a month or two ago and I love it. Now, just saw a review for the Switch version and I have to say, I can't help but feel a bit undervalued here. How come the Switch gets 4 boards to play on but, PS only gets 2? PS gets the Classic and Living City boards but, Switch gets Amusement Park and Haunted themed boards as well. Not only that, they also get some other things like cards (which we don't get at all) and LOTS more game token pieces while PS only gets 6. Do they also get 'MY MONOPOLY' too as well? If so, why not update ALL versions of 'MONOPOLY PLUS' to include those extra goodies as well? It would be very cool of you to do that and owners of 'MONOPOLY PLUS' like myself would appreciate it…

  17. Please give a %10 reduction in monopoly

  18. It crash on pc and crash on console as well it allow me to play once and never again 👎🏻

  19. do they have the other versions like Sarasota opoly?

  20. my friend has strict nat nat type he cant play at all and you guys are probobly gonna fix the problem so he will be taking his money back and how is it his fault when almost all games have fixed the problem already

  21. This game is trash. The AI will haggle… in the wrong direction, not trying to meet in the middle, but going in the wrong direction. It's like trying to deal with a box turtle. If an AI goes bankrupt to the bank such as landing on luxary tax, that AI will get frozen after the bank auction causing the game to break. This is a piece of trash game that was pushed through QA and production far to quickly. Zero attention to hot fixes or patches over many years. The people responsible should not be allowed to work anywhere again except some fast food place. In fact, the people who invest in this company should take a close look at the people who are really responsible and send them packing. Do not even buy this game when it is on sale, boycott UBISOFT!


  23. The AI is absolutely rigged and barely landing on my friend's property completely for the next 20 rounds.

  24. Good game. But they are too lazy to update some stupid glitches that make the game unplayable. Like the freezing game bug. Happens in like 1/3 games you play -_- and some other quality of life updates would make the game a million times better.

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