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Yo yoooo in this video we open and review the brand new 2022 Panini Monopoly Prizm Basketball Game Board and Blaster boxes to see which box is worth buying! What was your favorite pull from the video? 🤔


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  1. After the last video I firmly believe that the blaster boxes are better.

  2. I believe panini partnering with (Hasbro) Monopoly & Prizm was a Jab at Fanatics.

  3. Bro I'm a huge Cope Anthony fan. Hook me up

  4. U can weigh these ..the lighter ones tend to not have the better hits

  5. When your first remark is wonder what this will go for. Your not in the hobby for the right reasons

  6. I didn't know they made this game until I saw your videos

  7. “Absolutely beautiful cards”…yeah…other than that massive Monopoly logo smack dab in the middle.

  8. I get that people might be having fun opening these, but every pack thats opened, the value of Prizm cards decreases… this is just a slick attempt by Panini to print even more without immediately pissing collectors off.

    Or they had to print this product due to Fanatics locking up most of Panini's previous print capacity.

    Either way, thanks for the video.

  9. I just want a few boxes. You make this look product look good! lol

  10. Question, I'm sure people are buying the gameboard boxes just for the cards so what is everyone doing with the game boxes minus the cards?

  11. #56/249 Lebron = Ebay 1/1 he will be 56 by the time he finally retires LOL.

  12. People are gunna lose a lot of money on these sell sell sell

  13. Best retail product of the decade my man said 😮

  14. I have yet to find the boxes I’ve been to two targets near where I live and they didn’t have any

  15. Tray is missed print it’s another hawks player trying to block the shot

  16. U really put booker in crap pile n jeremy in good pile… This guy

  17. I wish Mcdonalds would bring Monopoly back.

  18. QC is way better in this set, Looks like panini is dropping some soon on their site as well 🤙

  19. Nice lebum James and those are black icon parallels

  20. I bought the gameboard both my packs had a giddey as the parallel. Kind of strange for a box to have the same hit.

  21. pump and dump product of the year calling it now

  22. So basically the gameboard is pointless outside of getting the boardwalk parallels

  23. You correctly called those the booster boxes throughout the video, but Panini is actually releasing blasters in the next few days. I guess that's where the rest of the #d's are hiding.

  24. I opened 8 blasters and pulled 5 numbered cards and 4 silver prizms. Pretty decent compared to what I’m seeing. The numbered ones were /500, /249, /249, /100 and /50.

  25. I been collecting card since early 2000. I just decided to start selling and investing in cards..im really annoyed that cards sell out in the retail store because people buy like 15 of them and then sale them for double what the retail was selling for. 😑☠️

  26. The centering on the Lebron is horrendous; it’s why I don’t like panini prizm products

  27. I got 2 board games boxes and pulled a Banchero and Chet Black icon prizm 1 from each box amazing!

  28. Nice cards! I’m excited to try and find some out in the wild.

  29. i pullrd a chet rookie from dunruss

  30. Great cards I went to 3 targets no monopoly card at all.

  31. Boosters are better than blasters. Game boards are nice too tho!

  32. "Maybe best set of the decade."
    …3 min later,
    "my buddy bought 3 boxes and got nothing but base, but I guess you'll have that" shrug

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