MONOPOLY: Queen Edition - Brian May Plays The Game -

MONOPOLY: Queen Edition – Brian May Plays The Game

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Roll the dice with Brian May in this video and get taken around the MONOPOLY: Queen Edition board as he tells you about some of the hugely iconic venues that the band have performed at during their career!

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MONOPOLY: Queen Edition – Brian May Plays The Game


  1. Is this real life or is this just a fantasy?

  2. Yey!!! There is a Mamma Mia picture in the room _

  3. I've been a queen fan for over 40 years now I can honestly say I've seen and read everything about them I've now come up fitter, and the other day. I

  4. Brian may. Bless his soul. seriously i'm gonna cry so hard when he passes away, god forbid……

  5. It's a bit dark, though. Still excited for the game! =D

  6. es un amor Brian basta, estoy llorando 💕😢

  7. I used to like u Brian before u turned into a cash driven queen hoar

  8. que paso con queen ? antes eran unas de las mejores en el ROCK y ahora abren juegos de monopolio

  9. Can there please be an xbox / ps4 game of rock band? Like the title of the game would be – Rock band Queen Edition? I feel like that would be really fun

  10. I love Queen, but who else found this funny? I was laughing a lot during this video because he didn't really play the game he just talked about memories the game brought to his mind. I guess since I'm an imuture 12 year old I couldn't keep a straight face.

  11. I was going to buy this but then I realized it was 40 dollars and that no matter how much I love Queen I can't spend 40 dollars 😂😂😂

  12. I hope I get this game for Christmas. Pray for me Brian. Also I have the full length version of Queen in 3-D and what I've read so far is so cool. I definitely recommend getting it.

  13. Let me point this out bohemian Rhapsody the song is longer than this video but no hate at all

  14. I could listen to you talk about your memories forever!

  15. OMFG How adorable is it that Freddie wrote the lyrics on his hands for that Hungarian folk song?! So great.

  16. Play the Game, Everybody Play the Gaaaaaaaaame!

  17. love you brian may i went to your concert and it was great but it was the rhapsody tour loved it

  18. Hello giys I just have a question, next ti the bank which cards are stacked up?

  19. Brian May one of the most famous rock guitarists, now playing monoply in his living room.

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