MONOPOLY: Queen Edition - Brian May Unboxes the First Copy -

MONOPOLY: Queen Edition – Brian May Unboxes the First Copy

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Join us and watch as Brian May unboxes the first ever finished copy of the MONOPOLY: Queen Edition board game. Tour the amazing gig history of Queen, from their very first at Imperial College in 1970 to their last with Freddie Mercury at Knebworth Park in 1986. Tour the world with the band and buy gig locations and hit singles. Build staging blocks then upgrade to full productions and watch the rent come pouring in. Take your chances with A Kind of Magic and In the Lap of the Gods cards as you tour the board as one of the iconic Queen bespoke tokens. You can own it all!

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MONOPOLY: Queen Edition – Brian May Unboxes the First Copy


  1. Brian amo tds vcs da Banda Queen ,saudade do grande Freddie

  2. This got some bob ross vibes, and i genuinely like it

    Brian's soft voice helps with it.

  3. I absolutely love the fact that the Queen song references were used as Monopoly pieces. Beautiful details explained beautifully but a beautiful human being.

  4. Forever queen and freddie mercury love of my life

  5. I love both Brian and his equally nerdy younger brother James, from Top Gear 🙂 lol. I must get this game!!

  6. This game actually sounds really fun, I'd totally play this

  7. Brian is still one hot man! Help…I am on fire.

  8. eu te amo brian jogando o jogo do queen eu te amo

  9. brian may: gets a box
    the first thing he does: SNIFFF


  11. smells "mmm smells good, very important"

  12. Queen 1980:play the game
    Queen 1984:play the game
    Queen 1989:play the game
    Queen 2017:play the game

  13. Thumbs Up if you miss freddie

  14. "Vicious game and family destroyer.". I have never heard a more perfect description of Monopoly in my life!! 😂😂😂

  15. I thought the video was uploaded months ago XD

  16. World wouldn't be the same without Brian, he's the cutest man in the world, I love him so much

  17. Would loved to have seen Sunbury as one of the properties. Perhaps in place of Jail. Not surprised it was omitted. The dice should have been glizty, either shiny gold or chrome rather than the usual black and white. Waiting for Queen Editions of Scrabble, Chess and my favourite, Snakes and Ladders.

  18. I have the game but nobody wants to play with me!

  19. A beautiful unboxing!It's Brian the teacher and he describes all the little details ,I love it!

  20. Monopoly Revolution had Bicycle Race as one of the songs!

  21. Brian is too smart for his own good….😁
    I feel like I already played the game…

  22. General repairs in all your houses…..oh Brian you’re amazing

  23. Freddie: 🎶 Let me enter…TAIN you!! 🎵
    (not in that way..)

    Us: Brian played the game quite inquisitively already..

    Freddie: bloody hell, we’ll play MY way, darling!!

  24. Athorer people at 3 am :
    just sleeping
    Me at 3 am :

  25. I am watching a rocket scientist with 180 IQ playing monopoly by himself
    and I liked it.

  26. Omg
    Just imagine sitting here now, playing the game made about your band, your friends and your greatest achievements, reaching playing fields which instantly recall heart-touching memories about you past experience, worries or happiness, relief and stress which you went through and now make you tearing.
    And you talking to a camera , knowing that thousands of people love you and enjoy just listerning to you speaking

  27. Let's milk the brand a little more

  28. This video made my day. I would have loved seeing the 4 of them playing! I bet Brian would win.

  29. why couldn't tokens be freddie roger brian and john that would have made it more fun 🙁

  30. got this for my birthday this year.. I played around an hour or so before the others got tired and went to bed! loved the little references in it! a must buy for any queen or classic rock fan!

  31. Brian and roger should have unboxed this together, it would have been so chaotic, but so good.

  32. A new way for me to beat everyone at Monopoly. Lol. Bring it.

  33. I'll take some credit please: Our Year 9 DT project back in around 2004 was to create a board game, of which I of course went for Queenopoly! Although my inspiration did of course come from The Simpsons with Rasta-Mon-Opoly and Edna Krabappoly!

  34. "it smells very good". Brain May, you made my day. Thank you!

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