Monopoly: Ralf and Fimble - PART 1 - Game Grumps VS -

Monopoly: Ralf and Fimble – PART 1 – Game Grumps VS

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Monopoly is where friendships end!
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  1. No, its that someone else has the Vermont

  2. Honestly I thought "why do you think it's brown" was a poop joke


  3. I remember being a senior in high school staying up and watching this entire playlist until 4am and just going… WORTH IT!!!

  4. Have I really been saying "risky biznu" for three years already?

  5. game grumps should do a few weeks of just MacOS9 and earlier Mac games. that could be weird.

  6. I love when they play this game

  7. 1:17 “I don’t want to choose a profession, I just want to be a thimble.” – Dan

    9:22 “I’m a straight up tycoon!” – Dan

  8. I'm here after the recent playthrough; I'm excited to see how different each playthrough is!

  9. Welcome to monopoly, We’re play The Feud!!

  10. I'm listening to this while playing this version on my wii.

  11. Normal monopoly is so boring compared to the highly superior Catopoly.

  12. Your local MIllie of the Nyakuza Metro says:

    The fact they are playing with cpu even though when arin was going through difficulty settings for rad tad he went easy, med, hard, no, easy, med then hard they don't have to. De dumbasses

  13. I don't know how to play monopoly so I don't know what's going on 🙁

  14. classic Arin to skip the Tutorial then literally 5 secs later go wtf why isn't working 😂🤣 I love him for being a big klutz

  15. “There’s a reason it’s brown.”
    “Uh… Arin…”
    “Because it’s dirty!”

    Actually, that other reason isn’t too far off. The original version of Monopoly was called The Landlord’s Game and was actually pro socialism as opposed to the capitalist game we see today. As the game evolved the properties were named after a certain city’s streets (I think somewhere in New York?) and Baltic Avenue was, in fact, a poor African American neighbourhood, hence the brown colouration and low rent.

    TL;DR: Dan’s assumption was actually correct.

  16. I've literally spent weeks trying to find out how Dan thinks rolling double 6's is 8 pairs of snake eyes. It'd just be 6 snake eyes.

  17. Who's the best
    3=risky biznu
    4=rad tad

  18. "Is there anyways that anyone out there dosent know how to play monopoly?"

    i feel personaly targeted.

  19. Who else is watching this in 2020 and still facepalming when Arin picks a Hard AI

  20. "go to Baltic avenue, get all your shit stolen…….. There's a reason why it's brown"

  21. off topic but i loved this monopoly game compared to the new one

  22. Hi to all the people that will be recommended this video in like 4 years

    I'm in 2020 so does it get worse??

  23. "that's why it's brown"
    Arin channeling his inner Jon for a second there, Dan snapping him back to reality with a concerned "Arin…". Arin would then use his improv skills to say "because it's dirty!" and then turn the tables on Dan to hide his tracks.

  24. Normally I root for Danny cos he’s not better at games. But this time I was rooting for risky biznu ever since he was named.

  25. Is this… Is this what I think it is

  26. I'll be honest, this is my favorite Monopoly playthrough you guys have ever done. There's just something special about it that I absolutely love.

  27. Ralf, Fimble, Risky Biznu and Rad Tad. The greatest squad ever made.

  28. They want to play without computers, but when Arin scrolls past the "none" option he just ignores it lol. Classic.

  29. Arin- There's a reason it's brown
    Dan- Uhhh Arin
    Me- Uhhh Arin
    Good save Arin

  30. Little did they know, rad tad would be their worst nightmare.

  31. Dan and Arin both had a pretty good start this episode, looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

  32. Ralf shake the wii remote, the unknown prequel of wreck it ralph

  33. "the not pound me in the ass prison" dan 'sexbang' avidan 2014

  34. This is the monopoly I wish they'd replay

  35. 5:59 Dan: "Is there any way that anyone out there doesnt know how to play monopoly?"
    Me: *sweats nervously*

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