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WARNING – Don’t play monopoly with your friends…or this happens!

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  1. why are there comments from months ago when this was released in 2017???

  2. Shayne, I feel ya mate, I am SO unlucky in monopoly. Finally another loser. Welcome to the fam 🙂
    Edit: i kept watching and he got lucky. Now I'm lonely again😢 – <forever alone meme>

  3. 1:30:20 i have headphones, what have I done to deserve this, I'm subbed to smosh, smosh games and smosh pit. You have no reason to torture my ears.

  4. What character costume is Shayne wearing?

  5. Get rid of the girl, she doesn't care about the game and doesn't understand the rules. She slows everything down

  6. I hope never in my life I ever play a board game with boze, I think that’s her name

  7. Shayne just having an existential crisis

  8. I’m so glad Shayne and Damien were there for comedic relief because someone would get genuinely mad and then one of them just said something really dumb and made everyone laugh.

  9. Peach is a shady cheater in this game.

  10. Man this made me realize that i have actually no idea how to play monopoly for real. My family only plays with bullshit rules

  11. Im watching this three years later and holy..crap..jovians board game nerd is coming out soooooo bad. Dude it is a game plz do chill..

  12. Why is Shayne there??? He's such a buzzkill! I bet he is abusive in a relationship!

  13. this video keeps getting recommended to me and i’m not mad

  14. "son of a God, like HERCULES!!!!!"😂😂😂

  15. the thing with the houses😣 you can buy hotels w/out buying all the houses.

  16. I wonder if after 3 years he still receives pictures of ostriches

  17. Damien was really feeling himself in this one 😂

  18. Last night took an L, but tonight I got a different letter. What’s with all these Ls? I have too many Ls.

  19. i kind of feel bad for shayne in this vid lol. I remember playing pokemon monopoly with some friends last year and getting demolished

  20. I've only played monopoly once in my life and it was after me and my ex went back to her place after I took us out to eat for dinner. We played for a good 40 minutes before we got bored and she asked "wanna fuck?" I didnt say no and we only started dating literally the day before

  21. I feel so bad for Shayne…. Because I looked up the official rules for monopoly….. You still collect rent even if you're in jail….

  22. I was watching the tattoo one then I clicked on this video and got an ad for the tattoo video lol

  23. I got a Spotify ad that was saying thank you but then at the end it said Spotify premium ☹️

  24. Shayne getting flashbacks to the other Smosh's Blessed or Cursed where he lost absolutely.

  25. can we say Damian has been through a lot of eating this quarantine.

  26. At this point in time damien looks like and makes the facial expressions of jim carry

  27. Anyone here in 2021 this video gives Me a different level of nostalgia

  28. i know this is hella old but im on medical leave watching whatever i can to make myself feel better and the guy in the mario costume makes me cringe and reminds me of that coworker i hate so much and just want to punch all the time…like no hate but like chill its not that serious

  29. How did I watch 1 hour and 50 min of this without realizing it was 1 hour and 50 minutes?

  30. I love that nobody said anything about the prison joke Damien made when he joined Shayne in jail
    Damien: your my bioch
    Me: shaymien will only be real in jail );

  31. "it's gotta be like a plague" aged well

  32. So glad they are all gone. It's so much better without them.

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