Monopoly rules (old 11/7/20) -

Monopoly rules (old 11/7/20)

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Learn the rules to the board game Monopoly quickly and concisely – This visually rich video has no distractions, just the rules.

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On your turn you roll both dice and add them together. Move your token exactly that many spaces clockwise around the board. If you land on a property that another player owns, you pay them rent. If you land on an unowned property you may buy it from the bank for the listed price. You receive the title and place it face up in front of you. If you do not wish to buy it, then the bank sells it at auction to the highest bidder. If you rolled doubles you go again unless this is the 3rd time in a single turn, then you go straight to jail and do not collect 200 dollars.

If the property you land on is owned by another player, pay them rent according to their property card. If they own all the properties of the same color, then you must pay them double rent on unimproved properties (that is, properties without houses or a hotel on them). If they have houses or a hotel, you must pay them the corresponding price. The property owner may not collect rent if he fails to ask for it before the next player rolls the dice. If you do not have enough money, you must sell hotels, houses, and mortgage property until you can pay the creditor. If you sell and mortgage everything and still don’t have enough money, you are bankrupt and are out of the game. You give all that you have to the creditor. Mortgaged properties remained mortgaged. No player may ever gift or lend another player money or properties.

As you travel around the board several things can happen. If you land on chance or community chest, you draw 1 card from its respected draw pile and follow the instructions on the card. If you land on a tax space, you pay the bank the proper amount. If you land on free parking, nothing happens. When you land on or pass GO you collect 200 dollars from the bank. If you land on Go to jail, you go immediately to jail and do not pass GO and do not collect 200 dollars. If you land on the jail space, you aren’t in jail, but are visiting.

If you’re in jail, you still are allowed to buy and sell houses, trade with players and collect rent. However at the start of your turn you may pay $50 to be released from jail, roll dice, then continue your turn as normal. Or, if you choose not to pay, you roll dice, if you roll doubles you are released from jail and move that many spaces, you do not get to roll again. IF you fail to roll doubles by your 3rd turn in jail, you must pay the $50 and move the number of spaces you did roll.

During the game you may only trade with other players: cash, “get out of jail free cards”, and unimproved properties. You may not sell buildings to players. You may not trade “free rent” or loan players money. You may not gift players money.

When you own all the properties of the same color you have a monopoly. You are now allowed to build houses and hotels on those properties. The price per house is listed on each property. You must build and sell houses evenly across all properties in a monopoly, you are not allowed to build up or break down just one property. If the bank runs out of houses for you to buy, you must wait until another player sells houses before you can buy houses; or you must buy straight up to hotels. When you sell houses back to the bank, they give you half the value you purchased them for. You may buy and sell houses during your turn or in between turns.

When a player has 4 houses on each of their properties in a monopoly, they may upgrade those properties to hotels for the cost of another house. Instead of placing a 5th house, replace the 4 houses on the property with a hotel. A property with a hotel may not be improved further. There are 32 houses and 12 hotels in the game, you may not play with more than this.

You may mortgage unimproved properties and the bank pays you the mortgage price. Players that land on a mortgaged property don’t pay rent, and are not allowed to buy the mortgaged property. To unmortgage a property you must pay the bank the mortgage price plus 10%. Unimproved properties in a monopoly still receive the double rent bonus even if some of the properties are mortgaged.

When paying income tax, you must decide whether you are going to pay the fixed price or the 10% of your total worth of cash, properties, and buildings before adding everything up.

The last player remaining in the game wins. While these are the printed rules to the game, there are also “house rules” that many people play by that slightly alter the rules.


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