Monopoly Speed Review - with Tom Vasel -

Monopoly Speed Review – with Tom Vasel

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Tom Vasel takes a look at a real time Monopoly!

Intro 0:00
Overview 1:12
Final Thoughts 5:05

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  1. better than all monopolys in the last 5 years?? what about monopoly gamer mario kart :O

  2. What? Did you like a monopole game? Who are you and what did you do to Tom

  3. This game seems like a mad amalgamation of crazy house rules by people who hate Monopoly.

  4. Haha only because you are reviewing it would I pay any interest to a hasbro game! 🤣

  5. Sounds perfect for the current generation, all movement and not much thought…

  6. Basically the only monopoly i would actually play lol…

  7. Tom reviewing a Hasbro game…grabbing some popcorn.

  8. I thought that Monopoly Deal and Monopoly Gamer Mario Kart edition were supposed to be better than this game?

  9. Ah yes, Tom reviewing various versions of Monopoly, always good fun to watch xD

  10. I’m actually surprised you found it somewhat acceptable. We played it at the 4 player count and everyone was getting in each others way, reaching to grab a card, couldn’t move your pawn because someone had their arm in the way. I actually prefer regular monopoly over this. Though it’s still not the worst variant on this game I’ve played…Monopoly Bid is horrific!!!!

  11. If this chaotic game is better than those previous games, you know those games are terrible.

  12. Sounds decent, I might play it with people. I would appreciate better property cards and would definitely use poker chips instead of the paper money. I might use this to teach people real time games.

  13. I grabbed popcorn as it has the unclean heretical word “monopoly” included. Aaand over to Tom

  14. Top 10 Monopoly games that are not baaaa-uh are not terrible at least?

  15. Meanwhile in the Hasbro HQ the "someone finds one of our games somewhat decent"-alarm goes off and everybody gets drunk on champagne

  16. Looks like a decent game to 'play but not buy'.

  17. You should do Monopoly Disney Villains. That one plays quick but is kinda cool with player powers

  18. I feel like these videos are a missed opportunity. We all know how bad Hasbro games are but I feel like this could be used to promote a game from a indie developer that needs it

  19. Wow! That review was almost an 'Seal of Excellence' when compared to the average Hasbro reviews on DT! 😀

  20. Sounds like a Pit or Spoons type game with Monopoly pasted on.

  21. In the final thoughts, he looked like he was in physical pain.

  22. Tom: Here's my quote for this "I didn't have time to dislike this"
    Hasbro: …
    The box later: "Its just the perfect time"

  23. Man was really hoping this would be trashier so Tom would go off yet again on hasbro haha

  24. If I tried to play this with friends or family, here's a list of things that I know would go wrong :
    1) someone would cheat and not always be honest with their die rolls
    2) we'd argue over who gets a property if two people landed there around the same time
    3) someone would start complaining that the race part of the game is stressing them out and that they can't count spaces as fast as the others
    4) we'd get in each other's way (hands/arms)
    5) everyone who doesn't win would blame it on the above things in this list

  25. The game being a total luckfest aside, I actually like that idea of Community Chest cards being private goals to score points at the end of the game. If I were making an actual, good version of Monopoly that sounds like something that would be fun to include.

    Basically, I'd love to see Hasbro actually "fix" Monopoly by:

    – replace the roll and move mechanic with something the players have more control over. Maybe a card based system like in Flamme Rouge, for instance. Or keep roll and move but have ways for players to adjust their rolls, ala +1/-1 tokens or special abilities.

    – Instead of a player automatically being able to buy a property they land on, put all properties up for auction when they're first landed on. That would eliminate that luck factor in the opening game and turn it more into a strategic auction game.

    – Use private goal cards, so if you collect certain sets of properties you get bonuses.

    – Tweak the numbers so the game is shorter, and/or instead of playing until everybody is bankrupt have the game go until, for example, at least one player has gone around the board completely 3 or 4 or 5 times.

    I'd love to see Monopoly get a Restoration Games style treatment where they keep the good parts of the game and replace the bad parts with better systems.

  26. I actually like Monopoly Deal. And Cheaters Edition felt like it was an actual attempt at a decent variation (though I don't particularly enjoy it). Nothing else has looked worth the time or money to invest in.

  27. Why ddin't they just stop at "monopoly deal". That was the ultimate version of Monopoly. Case closed.

  28. not the worst piece of trash game ever put that on the box instead

  29. monopoly: anxiety attack edition. Neat?

  30. I …I actually non ironicaly want to buy rhis …monopoly. yeah this is a mix feeling!

  31. “I didn’t have time to dislike it”.

  32. one of your most entertaining reviews ever 😀

  33. I share Tom’s despise for Monopoly games. All of them. They’re cheap, mechanically nonsensical and simply just not fun! Honestly, this one looks even worse. That timer gimmick looks awful. Never gonna have trash like this on my shelves. How they’re so popular is beyond me. Nostalgia, perhaps? From a time when there was nothing really that better and accessible to kids? Besides chess. But chess is amazing and timeless. This? This will go extinct eventually.

  34. "I didn't have time to dislike it."
    Michael Scott: That's what SHE said !!!!!

  35. So fast paced, you can finish the game before Tom's video review is done playing. Frankly, that's not Monopoly to me. I rather like Monopoly (in small doses).

  36. I bet Hasbro will call an urgent meeting with their employees to find the person responsible for creating a game too high for their standards.

  37. That has to be the stupidest shape for a game box in the history of gaming, even worse than some of those novelty tins.

  38. If you want a 'high speed' game like this, you could do a lot better finding a copy of "Escape: The Curse of the Temple" instead.

  39. I never thought you can make Monopoly worse.

  40. I'm a simple man. When I see a Monopoly video, I click.

  41. Monopoly Jackpot is a super fun one you should check out Tom! Way more fun than Monopoly speed.

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