Monopoly Speed, the Monopoly you can play in 10 minutes from Hasbro -

Monopoly Speed, the Monopoly you can play in 10 minutes from Hasbro

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NEW Monopoly Speed from Hasbro. Faster way to play the classic board game. All players roll and buy up properties in the first stage, then buy, sell, or trade properties and Chance cards in the trading stage. A timer keeps track of the four rounds and how much time each stage gets. You can play this game in 10 minutes! See how to play in this video review and tutorial. For full review and shopping info►

Product Info: If time is the only thing holding you back from playing Monopoly, then check out Monopoly Speed, a Monopoly game that only takes 10 minutes to play. Instead of taking turns, all players are rolling and buying at once. The game also includes a timer that divides the game into four rounds. Red lights on the front will light up to help you keep track of how many rounds you’ve played. Each round has two stages: buying and trading. Symbols on the timer will light up so you know which stage you’re in, and you’ll hear a horn sound whenever a stage is ending.

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  1. ProsThis game wil make the game faster than regular monopolyNo banker neededConsNone!I will give this game:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  2. Too much chaos in a such short period of time. We played it without the timer and just took turns and it was ok, think I might return it.

  3. What if you and another person roll the same thing on the first turn? Or if you’re on the same place as them and the property is unowned?

  4. Hasbro ruined a great game with this mindless edition

  5. We played it as a family and were not fans! We found it annoying with everyone’s hands in the way as they’re moving their pieces. Also, for something so fast paced, we felt the cards and text should be larger so they were easier to read at a quick glance. Finally, we found that the Chance cards were way too powerful, especially when most could be saved until the end of the game.

    Great concept but lacking on the execution.

  6. I mean it is good just PLEASE tell me what to do when your on a trading space and you have finished trading do you just sit there waiting or do you keep moving your token. it is good just PLEASE explain

  7. plz make a hindi tutorial on how to play monopoly speed

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