Monopoly Streets [Game Main Theme] -

Monopoly Streets [Game Main Theme]

Sergi Myself
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Monopoly Streets [Game Main Theme]


  1. I like the game, it's a very good monopoly versión.


  3. 0:00 Brown properties theme (start on GO space)0:39 Light blue properties theme (also you pass the jail)1:22 Pink properties theme 2:03 Orange properties theme2:35 Red properties theme (also you pass free parking)3:16 Yellow properties theme3:37 Green properties theme4:00 Blue properties theme

  4. Anybody got the little music that kicks in when u win 😂i want the victory music dammit i cant find it anywhere

  5. I swear this game had the best sound track in the PS3 menu, before you selected the game. Was a sweet ride groove with just some simple bapapapa. Can anyone give me if they find it?

  6. After a long 8 months my i have found salvation

  7. This is nice to finally have on YouTube, thank you 👍🏾

  8. How is this the oldest upload I can find of this?

  9. This video is being used for an arrangement I'm making of this song. Thanks for the resource!

  10. Hahah i was waiting so long for someone to put in on youtube. How did you find/record/extract/something it?

  11. Big up for the composer Chance Thomas! He's done a fair few more games I think you will have enjoyed and not realised it was him!

  12. Not only did I love this game, but I think of this song whenever I play monopoly. I just grew up with.

  13. I know this is a really weird question but does anyone one know what the credits song is?

  14. When I hear this I know the Arooda (aka my neighbor) is gonna beat me

  15. Soo much nostalgia i used to play this on my xbox 360

  16. Bum bum bum bum bum bum bum buuuu bum bum bu 🙂

  17. Me : doesnt find this song

    6 years later

    Me now: yes.

  18. make the extras theme and yes there is one for this game

  19. Compared to this, Monopoly Plus (and its ports) are an abomination. But we are lucky to have monopoly on those systems at all…

  20. Can you upload the board musics? Thank you!!

  21. This game has no right to have such a good ost

  22. Ever since my grandpa started playing wii sports he would always play freebie golf, we had a wii u and we didn't have a motion detector for the wii remotes so he had to play on the gamepad for a bit, we then got a motion detector and new remotes, later on at movie trading center he bought this game and we played it every time he came over

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