Monopoly Streets: Xbox 360 -

Monopoly Streets: Xbox 360

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To celebrate its 75th anniversary, the world of Monopoly comes to life through a living, breathing city that you can build, own, and monopolize. MONOPOLY STREETS has everything you love about the board game, presented as a street level tour of Mr. Monopoly’s fully animated world.

Engage in a head-to-head race to evolve the surrounding city, accumulate the most wealth, and own it all! Play against your friends live and online on Xbox 360 and PS3! New features, such as property auctions, add new excitement to the classic play.

From the cheap motels on Baltic Avenue to the luxurious Boardwalk suites, there is excitement around every corner in this remade classic.


  1. @MediaMeandyou yh u have a ak and some moltovs you go to jail fuck no u burn jail down

  2. they need to cross this with GTA, get much more fun! lol. Love monopoly, probably would buy this as only game my girlfriend can play lol

  3. @1203ADSA When u go in jail, they confiscate all possetions u have and leave u with nothing and anything u had confescated (except weapons) will be available for u to take when u leave. So guns and molotovs burning prison down. Fucked up idea man.

  4. I like how there faces change like, oh shit, somebody accully out bidded me.

  5. I would get this but it would just depress me as I have no home 🙁

  6. Why isn't he humping the steering wheel like the characters do in the game?

  7. They should make a game like this except where you can just walk around with your avatar and just chill, talk to others, talk shit to people and it should be free on marketplace. 😀

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