MONOPOLY SUCKS - 5 board games to replace the old "classic" -

MONOPOLY SUCKS – 5 board games to replace the old “classic”

Plumpy Thimble
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In this video, I take a look at five board games that are just as easy to teach as monopoly and are widely available for purchase. The truth is Monopoly just isn’t that fun. So why settle for less than the best when there’s a whole wide world of board game ingenuity at your disposal. Today I’ll take a look at 5 games that are readily available and easy to play that can replace any version of Monopoly.


  1. Man you're still bitter about how many times I beat you in Monopoly when you were a kid…

  2. Monopoly is not a fun game. It takes way too long to play. Even when you play with the official rules it takes a long time. There are aspects like advancing to properties and going to jail that I really don't like. Trading and building shortages etc. If you play 2 players and maybe more you aren't guaranteed a set depending on the luck of the game.

  3. Love all your suggestions, but never have played Raids. I'll have to check that out!

  4. 'Monopoly sucks' is a harmful idea based on a misunderstanding of what makes games good. This is also gatekeeping and scares new people away from the hobby. Monopoly is not the best game in the world but people who enjoy it are not looking for a generic best-of list containing your personal favorites. They are looking for games that replicate the take that slow burn feel of a game that you can have a conversation over. Camel Up is a pretty good suggestion, but games like Munchkin, Imperial Settlers, Star Realms, Survive: Escape from Atlantis, Bunny Kingdom, Machi Koro, or King of Tokyo should be higher on the list than many of the games you listed. You can't swap out Monopoly for some light care-bear 'nothing happens' 'you cant affect other players' game and expect anyone to like it; the players picked Monopoly for a reason, and the reason wasn't 'being stupid'.

  5. What five games would your recommend over Clue? Obviously not better than Clue: Master Detective though, that game is flawless.

  6. Great list. "You haven't opened your eye Neo!" Great stuff.

  7. Yes. Camel Up! Fantastic game that works for a wide age range.

  8. Play Canopoly😊 Canadian way of being polite and say "sorry" everytime you buy someone out. TOTALLY changes the moody atmosphere of traditional Monopoly

  9. I actually kinda like Monopoly… Does that mean I've been brainwashed? :O

  10. Thanks for putting out your opinions on this topic! I always enjoy hearing others opinions on the "if you like X mainstream game, then you might like X hobby game".

  11. I've really taken my foot off the pedal when it comes to Monopoly. If people want to play it with me that's fine, I usually insist on no house rules.
    But in their own time they've shown an interest in my games.

    Gotta meet people where they are.

    Monopoly does one job and to its credit it does it well… People play it. Maybe for nostalgia, maybe because they're comfortable with it.

    But I could say the same thing about at least 2 games in my collection haha!

  12. From the classics, I enjoy Risk and Clue way more than Monopoly.

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