Monopoly (Switch) Review -

Monopoly (Switch) Review

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  1. Oh, I forgot the input lagWhy it had to be so slow? 😢

  2. I think an opportunity was missed by not having a digital version of the real life Nintendo Monopoly board.

  3. This game is an utter pile of shit

  4. it looks like a bad version of monoploy plusbut 3 3d maps!?!!!!?

  5. If I knew this game was so slow I wouldn’t have bought it. It just slugs along. It needs to be able to skip stuff besides just movement

  6. When played with the AI your odds of winning are slim . The AI is definitely favored!

  7. Bought this through a key selling website for 12 bucks. Probably wasted my money but I want to try it lol

  8. One thing is missing is the animation in the tokens. Which its have on PS and Xbox versions

  9. I have this game for Switch. At the end of a long workday, I just sit and play this game on my Switch. I find it convenient to have board games on Switch as well as any other console because if you're at a friend's house and y'all want to play a board game and don't have it, but you have a digital copy, then you can play that. It also takes away the experience if you don't have an actual board game.

  10. Fake news monopoly on ps4 has no extra player tokens only classics it also only has one living board vs the switches 3 and the my monopoly board creator has no content inside it so you can only really build the city board minus the train. I'd give my left nut for that haunted living board.

  11. Can you use 1 controller with multiple people playing it?

  12. Yeah I just wanted to know if it was worth to buy would like if you were bored so yeah I think it is now thank you very much

  13. Dang posted 2 hours ago? Nice timing, was just wondering if the sale was worth it or not. =p

  14. I bought this months ago. Still haven't played it. My backlog is no joke.

  15. Digital board games have been interesting to say the least. I personally enjoy the physicality of board games but digital is a nice alternative for some types of board games.

  16. I’m disappointed there’s no fast mode, computer takes so long to take turns. It’s so slow that I would not have bought the game if I had known that. Even the old gameboy version had a fast mode.

  17. I really hoped this game would be a mild relaxing experience. Oh God, this game sucks so bad!

    So I play against an AI, and I play really easy because I just want to
    play for like 30 min, not trying to spend three hours on a stupid video game.

    So I'm thinking super easy means the AI will be really stupid, I'll take his money, and go to sleep.

    This became one of the hardest monopoly games I've played. Every single move I made, he'd make one better. He'd get triple rolls of the die, never go to jail. Never even landed on jail. Would never land on my properties. Any time he had to draw a card, it was CRAZY positive, like getting $200, going to go and collecting $400 (house rules). He'd only land on his properties and if he landed on mine, it was only for cheap ones. It's literally like you're playing a cheater on the other side of the screen, and theyre getting everything handed to them and you're getting shit on.

    So I played. I thought I'll work through this. I play for TWO HOURS and it never changed, nothing got better, this super easy AI was not going to be easy at all, and in fact, acted pretty spitefully toward how I was playing. It's absolutely absurd.

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