MONOPOLY: The Sopranos | The Op Board Game Showcase -

MONOPOLY: The Sopranos | The Op Board Game Showcase

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Call the shots in MONOPOLY®: The Sopranos, based on the Emmy award-winning mob drama! Buy, sell, and trade popular locations like Tony Soprano’s House and Satriale’s Pork Store, before wheeling and dealing at The Bada Bing! Let tokens like The Stugots or Bobby Bacala’s toy train engine take you around the board and be the last boss standing!

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  1. Note: The game can end prematurely if one or more players start making remarks about Janice and the boardwalk.

  2. И вот когда я думал что уже завязал, они снова затащили меня обратно!

  3. That is cool . I do compare this one to The Godfather monopoly . I will purchase both !

  4. Get out the can for 20 years without a peep card.

  5. I wish there were more pieces like a prosthetic leg, a Vespa scooter, the toy singing fish, a headstone with "Peeps" engraved on it, and, of course, the jaaaaacket.

  6. Under da boardwalk, wit his schlong in Jan’s mouth…

  7. You know, Quasimoto predicted all this

  8. Does anyone else find it weird that the Monopoly people would want to be associated with the Sopranos, given the only time any Sopranos characters is shown playing Monopoly it devolves into a drunken brawl between Tony & Bobby in Soprano Home Movies?

  9. Sopranos Monopoly: the story of a young man who goes to pieces, but manages to find himself again.

  10. U know what's funny I'm a african american male and black folks always complaining about black stereotypes in black movies and tv about us playing hustlers pimps and in gangs and criminals but other nationalities don't do that they just look at it as frickin entertainment and they go on to win academy awards and other accolades and now look they are on the front of most iconic boardgame ever

  11. Instead of free parking it should be long term parking

  12. Go to jail go directly to jail unless the cop arresting you Is a degenerate Gambler who's Into you for 30k

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