Monopoly Top 10 STRATEGIES To WIN - Ultimate Monopoly Board Game Strategy Guide 2022 -

Monopoly Top 10 STRATEGIES To WIN – Ultimate Monopoly Board Game Strategy Guide 2022

Legendary Tactics
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Do you KNOW the top 10 STRATEGIES in the board game MONOPOLY? Today, I’m sharing the 10 most important ideas you need to know to win this game. This strategy guide will teach you about the odds in the game, which properties are the best, how to maximize profits and manage your money, how to handle both mortgages AND the people at the table, and also some tips to help you at different stages of the game.







0:00 Monopoly Strategies
0:24 #1: Buying Properties
1:34 #2: Know the Odds
3:14 #3: Best Properties
4:38 #4: Board Awareness
5:22 #5: Houses and Hotels
6:13 #6: Railroads and Utilities
7:42 #7: What to Mortgage
9:09 #8: People Management
10:37 #9: Jail
11:06 #10: Money Management


  1. Only Legendary Tactics can make an interesting, enjoyable, and comprehensive strategy guide for Monopoly! Great job guys.

  2. to be honest, Monopoly is a game to talk and drink beer with friends who have no clue or not interested in strategy at all, not worth it to get an edge

  3. Also, you should build a Hotel if you can rebuild the houses immediately

  4. I feel like every time I play Monopoly my strategy always devolves into cheating! haha these are some good points to help that!

  5. I really like using no. 5, you can agree with other player with a monopoly buy all the houses and be the strongest players for the rest of the game

  6. Strategy: Get all RR's (or as many as you can), Park Place, Boardwalk, and one of each other color set. You can't lose if you accomplish this. Rent from RR's will fund your housing.

  7. Seems like opening strategy is the most important phase, and you basically hedged. Should you buy everything as long as you don't have to mortgage, mortgage immediately to continue buying everything, or buy only the top 50th percentile of properties?

  8. I have a question, when there are no more houses and I have no houses on certain properties, assuming that I can afford them, is it a good idea to build straight to hotels?

  9. My #1 tactic is not to buy properties immediately in the early stages but instead immediately bring them to auction. You are still allowed to bid. If your opponent is one that overpays you can deplete their cash early and snag properties dirt cheap later. If they are stingy you can gain the property for under cost. I will generally let the property go to the opponent for just below face value. That could change if I am targeting the property. This strategy works best when there is only 2 players. It is far more nuanced when there are more.

  10. The dice produce slightly more results than at light (4,5,6) than heavy.

  11. Does anny one plays Monopoly on playstation?

  12. Statistics aside, my personal favorite strategy is collecting the bottom of the board (light blues/browns) & RRs because other players can't stockpile money from passing GO since they will either pay you rent or pay the bank income tax. A nearest railroad card is brutal at $400 late and a head straight to GO card puts them directly in the line of fire. You can also cause a housing shortage very early since houses only cost $50 each on those five spaces & that's 20 houses out of the pool if you max out houses. The biggest issue is you need a lot of liquidity if general/street repairs hasn't been drawn early, otherwise you're looking at a $500/$800 bill.

  13. The last time i played this, i bought all the rail roads, and practically milked my parents dry before they even got the chance to add properties to their plots

  14. Can someone explain the 10% rule with mortage? If you want to buy the title deed is it the original price + 10% or the mortaged price plus 10%?

  15. here is something I recommend. you should buy every property possible, this includes railroads and utilities. if other people have them trade it for some higher amounts of money. at this rate, you won't have to pay anyone anything, and if you have enough money you can purchase houses and hotels to make them pay you more eventually leading them into bankruptcy.

  16. Man I don’t get the utilities hate. I always buy them. They help me buy a house everytime somebody lands on them. It’s after the light blues which I love and right before jail so if you don’t go to jail you’ll land there or yellow. Utilities are great to buy you house and if you have both and somebody lands a big roll you’re making what 3 trains are worth. They’re also cards that force you to go to utilizes. So RESPECT UTILITIES

  17. Best tip when playing with family.
    Loose some games! I used to dominate every game that we would play. Now my family either don’t want to play or when they di play they don’t want to trade with me or they just work together to get me out fist

  18. Monopoly can be fun but it all depends on what kinds of people your playing against.
    Alot of people dont want to play by the rules, they prefer to make up their own rules.
    This takes all the fun out of the game.
    I play by the rules or I dont play at all.

  19. I usually buy the light blues and browns since houses and hotels are so cheap. People think I'm bad a trading when I give them high value properties for the cheap ones. The thing is houses and hotels are only $50 and I can make up to $600 dollars off of someone who just passed go. I think I need to be better at hiding my money and being humble while playing though LOL

  20. I never knew that the number of houses included in the game is the maximum that can be in play at once…I've never even heard that said before…has that always been a written rule?

  21. i never thought of forcing a auction to get a reduced price but makes sense if they dont have the money

  22. Bruh my brother sent me this after I loss to him 💀

  23. From where do you have the probabilities you are mentioning?

  24. My goal is always to get New York..St. James and Tennessee.
    In the beginning of the game I'll buy up as many properties as I can.
    Then I'd go for a monopoly through deals and trades to get all three of the orange ones.
    After that I'd mortgage all my other properties if I had to and buy houses.
    One time I had a monopoly on Board Walk and Park place.
    I also had New York and Tennessee.
    I traded both Board Walk and Park Place for St. James.
    At the time of the trade my opponent thought he was getting a really good deal.
    I also noticed that he didnt have the money to buy more than two houses because his houses cost $200 a peice.
    He didnt think I had the money to buy any houses until I mortgaged all my other properties.
    My houses were a $100 a a short time I was able to unmortgage all my properties and buy more houses which put my opponent into bankruptcy.
    Although I took a risk, the odds of landing on the orange properties are much greater than landing on Board Walk and Park Place.
    The orange properties are the best properties on the board.

  25. Great video! One specific tactic is something I like to call the railroad shuffle. When you own all four railroads — especially later in the game when cash is king — you can simply rotate which of your four railroads is unmortgaged. For instance, if the next opponent to roll is within striking distance of Reading Railroad, then you make sure that's the only unmortgaged railroad you have.

    It costs literally $10 to perform this swap/shuffle of unmortgaged railroads (+100 for mortgaging railroad A and -110 for unmortgaging railroad B), but the expected value on this change is almost always greater than 10 bucks and therefore a plus-side move. Rough estimates:

    7 away from RR: E[V] is 200/6 ~= $33
    6 or 8 away: EV is 5/36 * 200 ~= $28
    5 or 9 away: EV is 1/9 * 200 ~= $22
    4 or 10 away: EV is 1/12 * 200 ~= $17
    3 or 11 away: EV is 1/18 * 200 ~= $11

    Plus, you'll have an extra $300 liquidity to put toward things like houses.

  26. Dark blues aren’t that good but man is it the most important piece in the game you get that then you need 1 more for a settlement it’s a really good trading piece and me personally ion mind banking on the blues easy to go self made on like idk how to explain it definitely my favorite set then pinks then yellows then greens oranges are definitely 100 percent the best get your hands on oranges and blues you pretty much won

  27. Bro strat 1 did not work out for my friend. I always and I mean always landed on either my properties or the chance and community chests spots. She always landed on my properties. (She had all but 2 properties)

  28. Why would you ever let a property go to auction. Makes no sense to me. Even if your strategy is to make someone overbid, if they are willing to overpay why wouldn’t you buy it, then sell it to them for a profit

  29. I had the perfect set up to win the game but the odds of rolling a 7 made everyone miss my orange properties which had 4 houses on every property pretty early… I bankrupted 1 person who had the reds but I didn’t have the money to pay them off and build houses which would’ve most likely given me an easy win if I had the money for it since everyone landed on the reds but not orange

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