Monopoly Travel World Tour Board Game Review! | Board Game Night -

Monopoly Travel World Tour Board Game Review! | Board Game Night

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We review the new Monopoly Travel World Tour Board Game with ink stampers and a wipe clean gameboard!
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  1. 8:55 Are you sure you can STAPM a travel Goal by using local flight or long distance travel? From the directions: "You can reach travel goals by 1. Rolling the dice 2. Using a chance or travel journal card or, 3. Using the golden travel ticket".It doesn't include that you can reach a travel goal by means of local flight and/or long-distance flight. This grey area bothers me about the game. I have no way to find out lol.

  2. My board was also warped just like yours! From Alberta Canada. Great review!

  3. My board was also warped great review love the commentary

  4. Yup my board is warped as well, it doesn’t lay flat. Oh well it was only $10 on Amazon.

  5. Terrible game. Money is useless apart from buying cards. Has no bearing on the outcome. No bankruptcy either. Pointless game to be honest. I bought it by mistake, should have bought the original.

  6. Nah. You ain’t unlucky. My copy of this exact version also has a board like that and some other commenters have boards like that. I obviously and honestly prefer boards that actually stay flat but the dry erase board is good too.


  8. The board I got is the same condition as yours (floppy, not flat) maybe it's the material. FYI 🙂 I also agree a divider for the box would be good 😥

  9. We discovered it yesterday it’s a nice version, with 3 players we prefer to win with 5 stamps instead of 4, more interesting 🙂

  10. I don’t have this one yet, but I would like to add it to my collection

  11. Mine was not FLAT I don't know what is wrong with this game board

  12. We live in NYC and our board is warped just like yours!

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