Monopoly Ultimate Banking Edition Unboxing -

Monopoly Ultimate Banking Edition Unboxing

Markis Pea Welby
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Everyone loves to pretend to be rich with Monopoly money, but you can’t pretend with this edition.


  1. More difficult than usual Monopoly cheap game😌

  2. Watching your video I finally know how to play

  3. I really like this game but this is too expensive here in philippines. 😢

  4. The sad thing is there are no hotels in tis version,but the game is fun

  5. why do i keep falling asleep at every monopoly videos we-

  6. I think the classic edition is still better because of the player pieces. Since the theme of this board is luxurious, why didn’t they make it gold (not the real gold, just metal painted in gold) but it comes in colorful plastic like its kinda off. While the classic has a metal pieces

  7. Is the board game good? Balanced ? Boring??

  8. Which monopoly game board is best to play . Can you say

  9. Try Monopoly Ultimate Banking for as low as Rs. 18 per hour from the comfort of your home! Rent the game from and get it delivered to your doorstep as per your convenience. For board game enthusiasts in Mumbai only.

  10. I have the version itnisnthenloudest thing ever

  11. Ko de dena bhai bhaiya main Kuchh kitne rupaye ka hai please

  12. This game does not make any sense… if I owe another player money for rent so I use my bank account money until it gets overdrawn by (let‘s say) -300. Next I owe my bank 300 to cover that. Secondly I just sell my properties to the bank to balance the account to zero because I paid off my debts I owned to the other player for rent. BUT the card reader changes the ownership of the properties to the other player, whom you paid the money for rent!!! So he gets double value!! Non-sense!

  13. Monopoly is awesome, I wish i got the banking edition

  14. I was gonna buy it but I got to know every time You Tap a card on the machine to add money or properties it makes a noice. So lol I can’t cheat

  15. por favor necesito ayuda! perdí la carta número 13 roja pueden mandar una foto del código 🙏

  16. The houses in this game are used to show the property's rent level.

  17. DAMN ugly cheap plastic pieces for an "exclusive" game, packed with a gameboy ??? terminal with horrible loud sounds, and the very best; lights that would give me and other epileptics a fantastic time.

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