Monopoly Ultimate Banking Edition Unboxing -

Monopoly Ultimate Banking Edition Unboxing

Markis Pea Welby
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Everyone loves to pretend to be rich with Monopoly money, but you can’t pretend with this edition.


  1. Some of unit functions: 1. You hold down X for 5 secs. 2. To pay rent you put the property card then the person who’s paying rent will swipe there card in and then Chang it gives the money. 3. The person who ran out of money, it say who’s the winner by money

  2. …..but my monopoly board doesn't have these kinds of names it has old kent road, Whitechapel road, the angel, Islington, Euston Road, Pentonville Road, pall mall, Whitehall, Northumberland Avenue , bow street , Marlborough street , vine street , strand , fleet street , Trafalgar Square , Leicester Square , Coventry Street , Piccadilly ,Regent-street , Oxford-street , bond street , park lane and Mayfair

  3. For me, I have a RC car which the car uses 5AA, and the remote uses 2AA. But the stupid thing is that the car itself to leverage the battery case, you have a pulltab AND a screw! The remote just has a screw. Like, really? I also have a toy gun (kind of like nerf) which also has a pulltab and a screw.

  4. 2020? Oh wait it hasn't happened

    (This was written in 2019)

  5. Or the other one the electric banking is good bro

  6. They have to use a screw so that little kids can't just open the battery door thingy and slallow a AAA battery.They do that for all kids games.


    Показываю, каким образом можно получать каждый день до 85 дол. на свою карту. Смотрите вuдео на моём канале

  8. Great unboxing! Man this version is getting rare in my location. Not in my local Walmart or target. Those chance like cards are funny!

  9. Wow it's a nice video
    I like it more because I want to bought it as soon as possible😃😃😃

  10. Very nice and interesting 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌

  11. Jeffrey scarbrough Board Games&Geek things says:

    Have this 2 different version of it

  12. i just love the old school one hand holding camera one hand unboxing video. i am going to miss this experience for sure.

  13. My name is leen. My birthday is in 15 January which is tomorrow. I have been BEGGING my parents for this game and I’m so excited to have it tomorrow. WISH ME LUCK YALL

  14. The machine can't work i printed the credit card but it is not working
    What is the problem
    I Hope you answer me

  15. Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I love monopoly
    But my friends think it's poo

  16. I'm always want to play this but this monopoly is really expensive

  17. I hate how those player pieces are cheap plastic, I have the "here and now" edition and they're made from zinc

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