Monopoly Ultimate Banking Edition Unboxing -

Monopoly Ultimate Banking Edition Unboxing

Markis Pea Welby
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Everyone loves to pretend to be rich with Monopoly money, but you can’t pretend with this edition.


  1. How do I turn it off when I'm done playing?

  2. Can u make a video how to fix the error of the card reader ? Thx

  3. Can you please give the copy of all the bar codes ???

  4. he said me how to play thank you for saying even I am having that original ultimate banking thank you for showing this video 🎆🎆🎆

  5. How many players can play the game

  6. No one is talking about the physical cash holder

  7. Why not just make the credit cards look like credit cards instead of printed number and chip? It's not that printing industry can't make them.

  8. Tại sao cái tao mua phiên bản tiếng Tây Ban Nha nó lại ghi là banco electronico trong khi cái hộp y chang của mày(đéo phải phiên bản máy màu đỏ ) explain pls

  9. Electronic banking is actually nothing like this version. I didn’t know it was discontinued but I have it and it’s basically normal except they made an electronic machine to handle your money. I get why they don’t make it anymore, because the transactions took just as long since the machine loaded slowly and credit cards get mixed up. This version looks a lot better.

  10. I bought this for my nephew but the dumbass lost the instructions booklet, is there anywhere I can see it in PDF?

  11. What you want and you are not going I to the office

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