Monopoly Video Games (feat. Nathaniel Bandy) -

Monopoly Video Games (feat. Nathaniel Bandy)

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Monopoly games are bad…most of them. Watch me and Nathaniel Bandy talk about them because we love bad stuff.

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Introduction: 0:00
SNES: 1:07
N64: 4:35
Switch: 6:52

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  1. 4:40 Wow, this would have been a great gift back in 1864! You know, when it was impressive to not die just from turning 36

  2. ahh I wish Monopoly Party for GameCube had been featured here, I found that to be by far the most average… somewhere right in-between the 64 and the Switch.

  3. Since you are reading this comment

    That'll be 3,500$, plus shipping and handling

  4. NB:What the F#%k
    Indiejacob:Let’s play
    Plz ❤️me and pin

  5. 8:06 im creaming into my pillow because e just listed my two favorite things in this earth!!!

  6. You forgot two games…

    Monopoly for the Gameboy and Gameboy advanced

  7. Omg this video was Soo funny *oh and that's not the only way to roll dice they added motion control to Strat sonic 3 invisible music funny as man keep up the great work

  8. Woah woah woah when was shipping and handling a thing in monopoly?

  9. The fact that you own a Pixel Phone brings me life lol

  10. You missed my personal favorite game: Monopoly Streets! There's so many boards to choose from, there's a lot of action but not overwhelmingly so, extensive options when it comes to rule sets, great trading and auction systems… it's still my favorite one to play with my friends. I own the one for the Switch, but it just doesn't live up to Streets for me.

  11. 3:33 thought that was gonna be the Dragon Quest theme for a sec

  12. You forgot the mobile version of Monopoly that was delisted because it was so bad

  13. If Monopoly is capitalism then let’s make a communist version of the game.

  14. A good Monopoly game is on ps4

  15. Don’t lie you know u took it from tell it animated

  16. Calls spongebob game bad:

    Not a good idea bndiejacoi

  17. There is also Monopoly for the gameboy but it's trash anyway, so I'm not mad, you didn't mentioned it.

  18. Jacob:they decided to add motion controls to the game because it's one of the best additions to the game
    (Song plays)
    Me:that's gay

  19. NB:that'll be 3,550
    Indiejacob:damn it
    NB: plus shipping and handling

  20. What about the best monopoly? The one for the Wii that one was great stuff man

  21. Meh… the Wii Ver. has a LOT more boards to choose from!

  22. So, they made a video game about a board game…

    that is ironic, but also awesome

  23. I still play Monopoly for Windows 95 and it's older than me but it's what I played on my dad's PC because no one else in my house liked monopoly. . . a monopoly's fan worst nightmare. Oh that and X-Box/Wii but I don't own that one.

  24. Damn, I was hoping you'd talk about Monopoly for NES and compare it to the GameBoy version.

  25. You forgot NES, GENESIS, PlayStation, almost every PC port, portable port, and later console ports not counting the switch version. 🤦‍♂️

  26. Lol I work at Best Buy that was fucking hilarious

  27. i used to have the monopoly X-Box version until i sold it for a PS4.

    rest i piece my monopoly game i was playing with my dad.

  28. Why would I spent $60 on monopoly for the switch when I could just never play monopoly again because I dont have friends or anyone to play with

  29. Can someone please explain the Gary Cant gag to me?

  30. NES Monopoly is legit great & fast paced compared to the others – I'll suggest it to my friends when we want to play a game but want something faster paced than the physical game.

  31. Wait weren’t his thumbnails green? Why are they Magenta now? Hdsjhdhffhdjdjdcdj

  32. When that one dude has a hotel on both blue's you know you're doomed.

  33. Anyone know a monopoly clone when you could bet on a car-race?!

  34. Fun fact: Monopoly on the SNES got a sequel exclusively in Japan, both games having been worked on by Shigesato Itoi, creator of the Mother/EarthBound series.

  35. Wait, you forgot Monopoly Streets for the Wii.

  36. What’s the joke of Gary Cant, what does his name look like?
    I don’t understand 😑

  37. Out of the blue I picked up the family game night bundle for switch because it was on sale, never thinking how great it would end up being. Monopoly and trivial pursuit are so good. Haven’t tried Risk yet but I’m sure it’ll be good too

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