Monopoly VS SuperMega: Friendship Energy - PART 1 - Game Grumps VS -

Monopoly VS SuperMega: Friendship Energy – PART 1 – Game Grumps VS

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The two duos face off again. Monopoly being the game this time. *cough*
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  1. Noodle armed melvins vs the grump Gigachads

  2. You know you've outgrown game grumps when majority of the audience considers a scream peak comedy

  3. If you watch this in 144p you won't notice the lag

  4. I love it when grumps and diet grumps get all mixed together. Don't get me wrong, I love me some classic grumps, but there is just a unique flavor when you splash in some diet grumps.

  5. The grumps and super mega work really well together.

  6. it's not faiiir :(((( [my girlfriend angery]

  7. “Itsa total grump!”
    “And here cummanotsogrump!”
    “It’s game grumps vusees!!”


  8. I want to see a rematch but with everyone being their own player. TBH i don't really know why you did it this way, but monopoly can be more dramatic and comedic when there's 4 individual players and alliances cropping up and the like.

  9. That retarded sounding "Supermega" thing at the start pisses me off. Stahp.

  10. Matt and Ryan might have better chemistry than dan and arin

  11. The nintendo switch was released a year ago.

    Damn i feel old

  12. Oh damn, this is the origin of Mr. Business!

  13. I failed a math class too, glad I'm not alone.

  14. Play more Monopoly! Grumps vs. SuperMega 4-player Auctions only.

  15. I completely forgot Ryan coined mr. Business.

  16. Ryan is so unfunny, I'll edit my comment to let you know when I stopped watching.

    Edit: 47 seconds.

  17. The Winn-Dixie brand Grumps (just to continue the weird off brand soda analogy)

  18. Please please get Matt and Ryan back for a game or two. The chemistry is really good and the SuperMega guest episodes are still some of my favorites.

  19. “Cuz now you live in the People’s Republic of California”

  20. The chemistry between the GameGrumps and Super Mega is just too perfect. Can y’all please do this more often

  21. I can't in good conscience call Dan "Mr. Business" When I know deep down in my cockles ….. * Barry White's voice* Hes Business Daddy.

  22. I just realized something dan grew up to actually look pretty fucking cool like he actually looks like a guy from a fucking action movie am I right or am I right

  23. It's still so adorable how easy it is for Matt and Ryan to make both Arin and Dan laugh. It's just a delight whenever the four of them play a game together.

  24. reply an answer.

    why is there only TWO players

  25. Super Mega is absolutely the off brand diet Game Grumps. Because they’re less funny. They must use the Splenda comedy

  26. given that I just failed a calculus exam, listening to 3 people that I somewhat admire say "yeah I failed a math class and I'm fine" felt like the universe giving me a sign I'm gonna be fine. thanks guy!

  27. This episode makes me feel better about failing my math class lol
    Hopefully retaking it this year tho

  28. I don't think the board is spaced differently

  29. The People's Republic of California, I'm fucking dead 😂

  30. Yeah so about this. I just bought this game for PC, had no other maps except for City. Didn't have almost ANY of those tokens. Is this like a Switch exclusive thing?

  31. God knows how many times I’ve watched this series

  32. Watching this for the first time after watching the Mario Party with Super Mega. GG just added a subscriber to Super Mega: Me!

  33. The confusing usernames are a scar upon the channel

  34. This episode is fucking dead to me because the hacks who made this game took away the board piece animations. What's even the POINT of having a board game on a computer or console if you don't make any of the shit better? If the dinosaur or the ship move around as though someone picked them up and hopped them around, then you can go fuck yourself.

  35. YOOOOOOO! It’s the origin of Mr. Buisness!!!!!

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