Monopoly VS SuperMega: Good Ol' Book Fair - PART 2 - Game Grumps VS -

Monopoly VS SuperMega: Good Ol’ Book Fair – PART 2 – Game Grumps VS

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  1. hearing dan go 'we're in jaaaail' reminded me of when they would constantly talk about cake farts

  2. Chillin' Like a Villain Killin' Krillin says:

    Damn, Matt foreshadowed SuperMega quitting Grumps here lmao.

    "Fine. See if we care." -Arin

    Also jesus fucking christ, Arin and Dan will NOT stop talking over Ryan and Matt this episode. It's seriously rude and annoying, you can't hear shit they're saying.

  3. I'm laughing my ass off at the image of a dwarf with dreadlocks that speaks with a stoma and works at a blockbuster

  4. It's 4 am and I'm sitting here laughing at squishy little nutsack

  5. “We’ve gone from blow to suck”
    An excerpt from the Arin Hanson autobiography

  6. Little did the grumps know, this is the episode where supermega hinted at leaving the company

  7. Dan: now the blowing has to stop.


  8. Ah so this is what the merch was based on

  9. "The guy who played the bad guy in Kill BILL" Jaysus lol

  10. I'm not a rocket surgeon or anything but isnt Dan's early childhood obsession with sex a sign of fetal alcohol syndrome?

  11. Matt: Well fine. Maybe we’ll quit our jobs, you’ll have to find some new editors
    Everyone who’s watching this later on: 👀

  12. Bongs bought online are called Tobacco Pipes or Shishas, in australia you refer to them as water pipes or you get kicked out the store. I bought an electric grinder from wish once and it was called a "Tobacco grinder"
    Yeah, cause people grind their tobacco XD

  13. why is there a matpat video on this playlist?

  14. 4:56 love Arin's little Potion Seller reference, he is clearly a man of culture.

  15. Arin and Dan now have a monopoly.what will happen next.

  16. Hahahahhahahaha, they did quit, hahahahahahga

  17. Gets the "go to jail" card

    Danny: ok now the blowing has to stop.

  18. "maybe we will quit and youll have to find new editors" AND THEN THEY DID

  19. Shit I honestly had no idea it was a bit cause I thought it was totally believable that Arin smoked pot

  20. 1:00 we call it a decorative vase in utah. thought i'd add that to the list

  21. I'm wilford brimley and I have diabetes…I also did not kill myself in the thing. I became a Cerberus like alien amalgamation of sorts.

  22. the sheer speed of "we purposefully de-sync the audio" like MY GOD

  23. RIP Wilford Brimley. He had Diabetus… in the penus… that's not offensive as I'm just quoting this ep.

  24. Matt and Ryan have a similar dynamic to what Arin and Jon had. So it's kind of like having your cake and eating it too

  25. I once got Scribblenauts 2 for the DS from a Scholastic book fair catalog.

  26. Back in the days that ChatCity was a thing, they had ridiculously heavy word restrictions (I guess because so many kids were using WebTV at the time?). So I was mentioning ridiculous Marvel Comics villains, and eventually got to one of those used in Howard the Duck, named Doctor Bong. BOOM, in chat jail the moment I hit enter.

  27. Two years later: I think it's safe to say that "Video Game Boy" and "Mr. Business" caught on.

  28. Fun fact: Ken and barbie dolls were inspired by the creator son and daughter.

  29. I'm mister business! I'm the one who invests!

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