Monopoly VS SuperMega: Good Ol' Book Fair - PART 2 - Game Grumps VS -

Monopoly VS SuperMega: Good Ol’ Book Fair – PART 2 – Game Grumps VS

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  1. The "squishy little nutsack" conversation made me piss myself

  2. “It’s Megamaid, she’s gone from suck to blow”

  3. Oh my God. The conversation about tobacco vs pot pipes gave me flashbacks. Back home we had a shop that sold pipes. The first time I went with my friend (who had been there many times), she kept me in the car and told me all the rules: don't refer to the carb as anything other than a cleaning hole, don't say anything even remotely pertaining to pot, they aren't called bongs or bubblers…. It was like a 15 minute conversation. I asked her why and she said "they'll kick us both out. The pipes are sold as tobacco pipes and if they think it's for pot, they'll fuck up your shit and you won't be allowed back in." This place got closed down. It was a skate shop and they followed all the rules, but people kept turning them in for selling pot pipes. It was fucked up.

  4. I wonder if somebody on the dev team feels really smart about putting the Ogre's Den next to the Spooky Swamp.

  5. So I lived with two roommates who worked at the 'bong stores'. They get so pissy cause cops came in there everyday trying to bust them for anything so they could shut down the store and bong was their favorite word lol

    >proceeds to get doubles again
    "Aw now i have to suck everything"

  7. My go kart number is 24… I am a fan of his as well

  8. Omg… they planned the wrong episode of Zelda from the start!!!!

  9. Damn, I didn’t know Arin smoked that much.

  10. There needs to be a permanent show with these four. The chemistry between Arin, Danny, Matt, and Ryan is pure magic!

  11. I got a commercial in between the turn where Matt and Ryan landed on Potions and Arin telling them to end said turn, so it seemed like the turn had been going on even longer and for some reason that amuses me.

  12. "friends can choke eachother!"

  13. "friends can choke each other"

    /r/polygrumps starts sweating

  14. If it rhymes with soul or song don’t say it.

  15. Why even put up a sigaret, smokers can be so ugh

  16. Matt and Ryan just quietly discussing Yahtzee while the grumps go the jail

  17. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who remembers those cheat code books at scholastic book fairs.

  18. My brother, sister, and I tore the heads off her barbies and drew faces on their torsos. Ken looked like a Hitmonlee ass monster XD

  19. I've gone from blow to suck" -Dan Avidan obviously referencing space balls 2018

  20. In the UK it's fairly harshly illegal, like you can get 5 years for possession if the police can be bothered with it (they're mostly chill but the law is still that strict) and we have a major shop called Planet Bong

  21. I’m actually stoked about the Jeff Gordon talk

  22. Arnold hand stand, mr business, mytwatson and just Ryan

  23. I'm Mr Business! I'm the one who's rich!

  24. I miss what they bring to the table…

  25. I know it was a joke back then but with Matt and Ryan leaving makes that joke cut extra deep

  26. Looks like we found the real reason Matt and Ryan quit game grumps 👀

  27. "Prepare your tongues… for the licking of the sack" – Dan "Mr. Business" Avidan 2018

  28. I love the grumps go to jail and dan says "ok arin the blowing has to stop" 😂🤣🤣

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