Monopoly VS The Game of Life (Which do you like more??) -

Monopoly VS The Game of Life (Which do you like more??)

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  1. Why i like monopoly, U CAN GET MONEY JUST BY WALKING AROUND ON A BOARD! THATS THE LIFE I WANT… o wait..I hate life




  3. @idafugoso What would happen? Absolutely nothing you moron, that's what

  4. @idafugoso LOL, still absolutely nothing. They didn't say anything bad and a cop can't do anything for someone cursing?

  5. Monopoly because I like the concept better.

  6. i picked monopoly cuz i kno how to play it. one time we played the game of life in school and all we did was play with the little people and make one of the guys give the rest of the girls std's and have a pimp car with a blu and a bunch of pinks hehe isnt school such an educational place!

  7. MONOPOLY. the game of life's just annoying sometimes, idk.

  8. The Game Of Life was only good in the 1991 edition ( the one that has been released fpr playstation). Monopoly has much more strategy

  9. the game of life because it doesn't take you forever like monolpy

  10. Monopoly because LIFE sucks! Monopoly is much more older because it started in 1935 and The Game of LIFE is 1960! The Game of LIFE is muych too BORING because you need to choose your house, long-term investments it's many equipments and if you open everythings mess! But in Monopoly, all you need to do is buying properties paying rents. In The Game of LIFE, many options are u doing! So it's so boring!!!!!!!!!!!! So I''m gonna choose MONOPOLY.

  11. excuse me Monopoly has an end. If one player is bankrupt.

  12. i was saying that it takes forever to finally win unless your playing against someone who just throws away their money on worthless stuff

  13. The Game Of Life Because Monopoly Is Getting Worse And Older And More Boring, One Time I Was Playing Monopoly With Friends, I Just Said And Turned The Monopoly Board Then Said "Screw This Game!"

  14. Monopoly cuz ITS ALL ABOUT DAT MONEY, MONEY, MONEY $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$&$

  15. they are un comparable because monopoly is all about buying properties and giving rents and so on and the game of life is all about the ups and downs in life. So the games cannot be compared

  16. I Never Played Game Of Life,But I Played Monopoly Deluxe Edition,So Idk.

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