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Monopoly Wii

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gameplay video, first turn


  1. Did they really need a British guy to voice the Monopoly man?

  2. WoW… loading time!!!

    Is there the World Version??

  3. is just with wiimote ?or gamecube controller too?

  4. thats y u have a banker that makes sure some1 doesnt steal

  5. The music is annoying and has bad sync :/
    other than that, not bad. I'd get it if multiplayer is included.

  6. Come to think of it, this Wii monopoly is terrible. Bad sound, annoying music, and I hate how you have to wait for so long for the dice to finish rolling, and the camera angles are horrible and make it hard to understand what's happening on the board.

  7. this game is so much better when REAL people and talking shit is involved

  8. I think you should be able to choose between playing as the classic tokens or a mii. Even if it did have that option, I'd still like the normal board game better, even if the video game takes out the possibility of cheating.

  9. i know right
    whoever buys this game is lazy

  10. I agree with you! Wii version RULES!!!! I love this game.

  11. thats the ps2 version not wii i have that game…

  12. By the way listen to the mr. Monopoly's voice
    Once u hear it in another console such as the ps2. You'll notice a change in how deep the voice is

  13. yea no one wants to play bc it takes 4 ever if u dont know the correct strategy

  14. @snroblox1234 On a personal opinion I would have to say 97/100. It only depends if you like board games that take up a lot of time.

  15. I've heard this game really stinks for the wii. I read the amazon reviews and it looks horrible.

  16. @zerosoma33 …And you trust AMAZON?
    Yea, its kinda not worth even 1$, but seriously.. AMAZON???

  17. @knightrider4567 And I have it for the Wii.

  18. Weiß jemand, ob es die Melodien der einzelnen Bretter auf Youtube gibt?

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