Monopoly World Championship: 2019 Edition. -

Monopoly World Championship: 2019 Edition.

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Our Monopoly World Championship has 5 years of history behind it. Some of the greatest Monopoly players of all time have held this title, and now that another 6-16 is upon us, it is time for the tradition to continue. This year Ian Scherer defends his title against the first ever Monopoly World Champion, ‘The Mandarin Grizzly’ Brock Payffer, ‘The Distinguished’ Daniel R. Fiorio and ‘Handy Dandy’ Andy Jerrick. Let’s get to it!

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  1. Never thought I could spend hours watching other play Monopoly haha let alone subscribe to a youtube channel afterwards !

  2. Duuuuddeee , video is longer then LOTR part 3 , give me a few days to watch it all okay ? 😜😁

  3. Jason's House of Fun and Video Games says:

    Monopoly is an awesome game. Nice job with the vid 616.

  4. OMG I never seen that game. It looks so freakin cool. Great vid.

  5. This one reminded me of gaming with my friends back home so much. We would give each other so much shit! There's something about actual in-the-room multiplayer that captures the joy of gaming. Thanks for the laughs, Ian!

  6. GG Ian! Was a great game! I thought Brock had it for sure!

  7. 😹 Your arguing about the colors had me giggle.
    Its definitly pink Ian , soooorrryyyyy 😛😇



  9. Damn I’m late to the video! Go Handy Dandy! Let’s see an underdog story!

  10. GG dude 😎!!
    Took me longer then I thought to finish it all , good video again 👍

    P.s. I still havnt watch Endgame 😅

  11. The best part hands down was the argument over colors. 😂💀

  12. At the end i always comment what the game winning property was!
    So look for an edit some time soon!
    New York Avenue.

  13. I can imagine someone studying this just to destroy their family on Sunday game night

  14. lmao 40:36 where did that voice come from . when did the brotha show up/?

  15. Anybody knows where to play monopoly online for free

  16. Wait, there is world championships for monopoly ?!

  17. Alguem vindo pelo video do leon e da nilce??

  18. ughh the frustration of how fking shoe just cant mortgage that last yellow so we can put hella more houses on red

  19. "Sorry" is the board game that teaches you to be an asshole to your friends while "Monopoly" is the game that ruins friendships XD XD

  20. Podemos llegar a 10,000 sub sin subir video ? says:

    Like si no entiendes nada

  21. How do you compete in this? Hahah I love monopoly. I’ve only won twice tho lol

  22. I am now in the farthest depths of YouTube that any one could ever reach

  23. At what time does someone go to jail? Asking for the rules sake

  24. so many bad decisions for a world championship i wish we could do this online starting from group stages doom couldve had both orange and green properties and wtf 100 traded for 580?

  25. what happens when you want to unmortgage a house? because you can’t mortgage a house in the board game

  26. Suggestion for making monopoly more skill-based: Winning is based on how quickly/how many moves you can bankrupt everyone else, idk

  27. hi. love the vid. what website/app are you using to play?? Thanks

  28. Just something to note, get out of jail free cards are great to play on your third turn in jail to keep from paying $50. Also I have loved watching through your guy's monopoly games hope you can do one this year somehow. It is understandable why you would not be though with the times. Edit. Just finished I can't believe that victory at the end via boardwalk I thought for sure that you were going to go out on orange or lite blue. Good Show.

  29. Lord the dog character is insanely annoying. Constantly chiming in for no reason 🥴

  30. My only objective when playing this game is GET THE RED GROUP

  31. Oh player 1 is def gonna win (my prediction at 25 mins in)

  32. Christmas is coming and I already miss playing monopoly with my family! I loved the video

  33. Called ian from the start. Dont know why he didnt try to get yellows to make a deal with player 3 but it all worked out, thats why hes the pro and im not!

  34. im currently watching this in class and i am loving it so much

  35. Looks like someone listens to the Opie and Anthony show LINGER LONNGERR

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