MONOPOLY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP - 2023 Edition: The All Star Game of Champions. -

MONOPOLY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP – 2023 Edition: The All Star Game of Champions.

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6/16/2023 continues with the ALL STAR GAME OF CHAMPIONS! If you’re out of the loop, the Monopoly World Title is defended once per year, only on 6/16. I won the belt in 2018 and I’ve held it ever since. Yes indeed, this is a 5 year reign you’re looking at. There’s not a former Champion in existence that I haven’t beaten, and even still, the legitimacy of my reign is called into question by some. So what I’ve devised here today, the All Star Game of Champions, is literally me defending the Title against every former Champion in history… ALL AT THE SAME TIME. ‘No Taxes’ Nigel Bravo, a longtime former champion, was disgraced when his cheating was revealed to the world. After winning GM Showdown, he’s returning to Monopoly one more time to add another belt to the trophy case. ‘Marvelous’ Matt Knicks held the Title in 2016 before losing it to 2x Champion The Artist. And finally, the ‘Mandarin Grizzly’ Brock Payffar, the first Monopoly Champion EVER, looks to forever etch his name into the record books once more. It’s the All Star Game of Champions on 6/16/2023, DanDans. Place your bets!

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I love you.

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  2. Spoilers kinda, Question Ian,

    would you have eventually realized that you could've bought a hotel and then more houses if it wasn't basically flat out explained to you lol

  3. Ooohhhh maaaaa goodness this is how the week is supposed to end ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  4. Happy 616 Everyone 🎉🥳 Congratulations Ian On Your 1,825 & Counting Days As The Undisputed World Champion Of Monopoly 👑

  5. 🎉Happy 6/16 Day🥳

    Awesome Video and game, my Dudes! I really appreciate it. Luv when Yall get together and film. Amazing chemistry between Yall❤🎉 Congrats to the Champ, had my money on U Bro🤘💙

  6. Dude I was DYING from laughter when Nigel tried to arrange that 5 way deal! I look forward to 6-16 more than Christmas!

  7. Great game, great banter, the business deals were out of control. Thanks to everyone involved for nearly 4 hours of great entertainment.

  8. That was suchhh a long game

    but glad to see Ian on top as always happy 6/16!!!

  9. As a man who's never played Monopoly, I'd rather watch you guys play it than play it myself.


    Those promos were absolutely fucking amazing…and speaking of amazing, it seems we’re in the presence the Roman Reigns of 616 Monopoly! There is no other! Hahaha amazing. Who would’ve thought one could win 5 games of monopoly in a row!

  11. Great game Dan Dans…I like how my fave came in 2nd and the game just kept us guessing…one Man's wheelin' and dealin' are another man's stealin's.

  12. Antonio Kastro Carlisle De Melendez Y Tenerife says:

    Damn man Monopoly brings back so many good memories of chillin with my friends.. specifically 2 of my best childhood friends, brothers Juan and Anthony who stayed 2 blocks from me in a nice house with a backyard the size of a park i mean it didn't even look like it belonged in the south bronx and their family was real tight knit and we'd always be doing some cool shit there just having fun and board games like Risk and Carmen SanDiego or of course Monopoly…i really miss those times..thanx as always for the video and the memories bruh

  13. Alright I'm ready for this. Happy 616 everyone here's to the 5-time 5-time 5-time 5-time 5-time monopoly world champion. Maybe we'll get a spinaroonie after Ian's victory today!

  14. Tht was good game Nigel had some hilarious one liners

  15. Great win Ian 5 years in a row unbelievable 👏

  16. The whole video can be summarized in a couple words. The art of the deal

  17. This is more impressive than Bruno Sammartino’s title run🎉🎉😂😂

  18. the only reason you're still the champ is cuz i haven't had an invite to take your title from u lol

  19. If I were Ian I would build hotels and then build those leftover houses on the reds 2:51:56
    Just a tip for next time 😉

  20. what website or game is this and how do i get it

  21. It's really hard to like IAN, He's a scammer, the way he plays!

  22. Sorry for being late but dayum is ur channel amazing, first thing i started watching from ur Channel was the dcuo retrospective, all the superman videos, and some awesome stuff like this, ur literaly in top 5 of my fav Channels of all time! My only problem With ur channel is that all these videos ends! 😂, literaly we need more youtubers like u bro, sorry if i sound like some sort of Dick rider or anything but Just wanted to say something i wanted for u and ur channel from a long time, cant wait for more comic book related stuff along With these types of fun stuff, keep up the great work and peace dan dans! ✌️

  23. I’m new to this channel so I really thought they were world champion players but all the rules, and strategies they didn’t know and trades they made make me doubt that.

  24. Probably the most entertaining game of Monopoly I've seen 😂

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