Monopoly (Xbox 360) Traditional Gameplay -

Monopoly (Xbox 360) Traditional Gameplay

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Traditional Gameplay from Monopoly Here and Now: The World Edition


  1. i always have the battleship becasue its battle

  2. its miles better playing it properly with a board!

  3. I miss the old menu like that and the old dashboard 🙁

  4. Can anyone please help me? I have been looking for an image of the desserts board in this game so i can attempt to make it ,lol, but i havnt had any luck. Can someone please send me a Pic of it in a msg or something? it would be greatly appericiated!

  5. Monopoly is the worst fucking game ever!!! Watch my video to see why.

  6. thats his pimp cane. ever wonder how he always represents money?

  7. I have this on xbox and it isn't as good as one I played on Wii I think. Trading is limited to cash and property but you cant trade immunity or things like that.

  8. Monopoly is the most played board game i the world

  9. Thats awesome that with that you can play monopoly with NPCs but I can see the anouncer/music being annoying as hell 🙁

  10. MONOPOLY ON ACID? Watch two guys try it on our page! Click our username or thumbnail to watch the CRAZY vid.

  11. jajajajajajajaaa you're in bankrupt XD , it's a best game

  12. The game is called Monopoly, but this game have many versions. For exemple: Monopoly City Streets, Monopoly Here and Now, Monopoly Star Wars and many other versions.

  13. One of my fave monopoly games is marvel monopoly (hulk, iron man, the x men, etc)

  14. cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Народ, есть ли эта же самая монополия на ПК?

  16. Just got my hands on one of these bad boys. This is without doubt the best version, and the music keeps you going!

    Thanks for the upload.

  17. Now, It's time to play Monopoly for Xbox 360 for Neil's and Danny's

  18. need completed game save for this if anyone is willing to share

  19. Planning to get this game on PS3, I had so many memories of playing this on Xbox 360

  20. Huh, so it’s exactly like the PS2 version. Thanks for giving me a reason to buy this on the 360.

  21. After like 5 hour of hearing the music while playing (btw I had to play this for like 5 hours so that’s why i put 5) ITS TERRIBLE AND IT MAKES MY HEAD HURT

  22. i was just born when u made the video lol

  23. I remember playing this game with my brother.. let’s just say it caused some arguments lol

  24. The rules say, landing on a property with a hotel is expensive! How expensive will depend on the property.

  25. Landing on a property with houses is expensive! The property decides how expensive a house is, and every house increases the rent owed.

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