Monopoly (Xbox 360) Traditional Gameplay -

Monopoly (Xbox 360) Traditional Gameplay

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Traditional Gameplay from Monopoly Here and Now: The World Edition


  1. @Kevin7017 i learned today :P, but we cannot build a hotel without build any house in the orders properties :/

  2. i think i rather play this game on the wii its probally a lot cheaper and seems more for a wii than a 360 i like playing the board game but it just more work to clean up and put away lol still good video

  3. TheZapzupNZ well im just saying it seem more of a wii game cause its like it. but i agree with you on the stuff you said and the other thing i didnt like is that when u action something off on wii u have to be gentle cause if u move it just a little bit it goes up when you dont wannt it to if you didnt understand what i mean im sorry try better next time

  4. Why would you want to play this on a computer..;ss

  5. A good game for family fun. I enjoyed this in forms of relaxation w/ friends and family.

  6. @GaryOoaakk maybe if your on your own and fancy playing a bit of monopoly?

    also its fucking great playing it online 4 players

  7. this monopoly man annoying with biding he says: "i here a new bid" or "new bid" this is annoying!!!!

  8. i always pick the ship i call it the titanic because it always goes down with me

  9. Blackout aka Michael Biggins archives says:

    Is this version still available? Monopoly STREETS is an EPIC FAIL for multiplayer.

  10. i like to play the one on the DS and on the board, but i play the DS one every day 'cause i get bored easily. and he gets bankrupt almost EVERY TIME! The DS one is very easy. (my opinion)

  11. Eh, I'd rather play the real one but this one is pretty cool 😀

  12. @kruk199kao No one asked for your opinion. And um….. whats the "no" for? Like "No the xbox one isn't cool" or what? One word replies aren't very….. um…….. Understandable

  13. i was watching the video and found my self trying to click on the "ok" button in the game

  14. Is there an option to turn off the crappy elevator music and also the "tutorial voice guy"?
    "If you land on Community Chest you need to take a card. Could be bad, could be good."
    Really!? I didn't know that. Thanks!!!!!!!
    What a joke.

  15. What fun!

    Now YOU TOO can experience the tedium that is Monopoly WITHOUT the one and only thing that makes it tolerable: human interaction! It's random! It's repetitive! It's endless! It's ABSOLUTELY BROKEN. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's Monopoly: Virtual Boredom Edition.

  16. Do you have to buy/auction the place you land on? can you decide not to buy?

  17. I love it, the only thing i dislike is i have like 6 hotels and it takes like 4 turns for 1 player to fall in it….dam it's frustrating XD

  18. @GeneralCane The monopoly man is secretly Hugh Hefner.

  19. @GeneralCane the only problem is, i land on every pieces of lands owned by computers, NOBODY LAND ON MY FKING LANDS!~!!!@#!!!%!^@

  20. @xInfamousRealm Incidentally that's exactly 100% what I'm talking about, bro. XD

  21. idk if its just me, but i feel like this game has gotten slower since the 16-bit days. check out gameplay for the snes, nes or genesis version of monopoly, and to me, it seems faster

  22. snes monopoly is 10000000000000000000000x betteeeeeeer

  23. @illmatic826 my uncle hides money, how is this cheating, like all of a sudden AHA I HAD AN EXTRA 800 DOLLARS UNDER THE BOARD! YOU'RE SO VERY BONED NOW!

  24. This board game is so fucking epic.

  25. Boy: no DAD i wanted the CAR!
    Dad: Haha nub you get the shoe.
    Mom: yay i got the iron
    Cat: Where the hell is the Fish!

  26. could you turn off the auction and just skip if you dont wanna purchase property?

  27. Anyone know how to get the globe trotter achievement?

  28. people always hate the fucking iron i mean nobody uses that. thumbs up if you dont like the iron

  29. ‎Dear Mr. Monopoly and Mr. Pringles, you have such epic moustaches.

  30. @illmatic826 so how do u trade with your friends if u hid your money

  31. @bancamos Y me encanta el capitalismo 😀

  32. Holy shit, I haven't seen that dashboard in FOREVERRRRRRRRR

  33. @mypersonaljesus1 Meh, both are fun, but this way it's a quick and easy cleanup and no worry of missing any of the pieces. can't beat that! 🙂

  34. I have Monopoly for the Sega Genesis and I love it! I've never played the Xbox 360 version, but I'm anxious to.

  35. Uhrm…Monopoly is sweet, but this version sucks. My mobile phone Monopoly looks way better then this, and it runs on a 360.

  36. the narrator sounds very similar to george carlin…

  37. god… Achievement – You played the game. lolz

  38. 3 doubles in a row, your obviously up to something! :O

  39. i always have the battleship becasue its battle

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