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  1. Who else wants this to come back, WITH jj?????

  2. 9:55 my step grandad is called Norman 😇😇💖 (miss him so much)

  3. Toby’s bad at getting doubles j.k he’s still rolling

  4. simon needed a five then they got like 6 5s in a row

  5. At 17:00 they got three, (4,1) (4,1) (4,1) in a row when Simon asked for one before.

  6. If tobias just didnt mortgage the yellow at the end and gave the properties and money to Simon I think simon could have easily won cause Vick would only get a bunch of mortgaged properties

  7. Oi do some monopoly like sidemen gameplay or on one of your channels

  8. I always love how income tax in this game is your entire income for a round

  9. Honestly, I wouldn't be able to play ANY boardgame with Vic or any CAH games with JJ… I would honestly have a stroke or snap and try to hurt someone, they are cancerous to play against.

  10. You should play monopoly for a sidemen Sunday during quarantine

  11. When Simon mentioned he lives at the train station could be considered a sly dig at his props area, like he'd rather live in a TRAIN station….. He's got a point.

  12. Dunno y but I love watching these old gaming videos lmao

  13. No1 else noticed at 18:00 they all got a 5 after Simon saying he wanted 5 but he specifically said a 4 and a 1

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  18. Lockdown got me watching this and im happy

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  20. I hope you lot know ur still keeping me up at night in 2021 watching these videos

  21. Recommended 4 tears later, on a Monday at 2:36am…… OK then I'll watch

  22. Who is watching this after Vick’s skiing accident

  23. When tobi got in jail I heard the police outside my house

  24. Come one Simon you should’ve let him trade the money and properties without mortgaging them to you and then you mortgage the properties without having to pay any fee 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  25. anyone who still watch the sidemen's old videos even after all this time?

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