My Monopoly collection | plus Bloopers -

My Monopoly collection | plus Bloopers

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Hey everyone, Today I thought I would share my entire Monopoly collection with you. Sorry this video is so long, I thought it would have been quicker than that, anyway I hope you like it. If you see a Monopoly game that you would like to see in more detail, let me know in the comments and I will make a video on it. Also there are bloopers at the end of the video. ENJOY!

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  1. i have 1996 monopoly junior monopoly cars 2 monopoly builder monopoly the simpsons monopoly despicable me monopoly spongebob and very old monopoly

  2. I only have 10 monopolies: Monopoly, Monopoly Electronic Banking, Monopoly Cheaters Edition, Monopoly Gamer, Monopoly Pizza, Monopoly Junior, Monopoly Builder, Monopoly Road Trip Edition, Monopoly Deal, and Helenopoly which is a custom monopoly about the city of Helen Georgia.

  3. Wowwwww that is so many monopoly games


  5. How much is it all worth in AUD? And if possible, adjust to inflation.

    I have a normal Monopoly Board Game. The tokens are generic pieces of color and it's in Spanish. I also have two Monopoly Deal versions. 2014 English and 2017 Spanish.

  6. Great Video. I also collect Monopoly games.

    Have over 200 different games in my collection.

    Greetings Kai from Germany

  7. Im a beginer, i have 9…
    Fortnight steven universe Cheaters edition, rick and morty bibleopoly Ms. Monopoly spongebob origonal Las vegas, and i cant remember the last ond but i knos i have 9

  8. For the game apps which you cannot find on the Play Store, you will found its apk somewhere in google. Just search with the game name followed by "apk".

  9. I have fortnight edition rival edition 2021 McDonald’s edition and Parker brothers deluxe anversery edition

  10. Do u have monopoly game which has drawing of ships on outside cover of box? Please tell me name of edition

  11. I notice you do not have my favorite version of monopoly.

  12. I love that you have so many I have about 100 myself… I was thinking, while watching this… if you want full sets you can count all the pieces (all are standard according to time periods) and but the missing pieces if you have any, also to help shut your games, rubber bands and zip lock bags help keep the games organized and in good condition. Love the ambition thanks for showing different ones!

  13. I have this one called the heirloom edition which has a pig in it

  14. Amazing collection & video quality though you need to be a bit more confident !!! Recently started collecting too I'm on my 4th box currently 🤣🤣😅😅 ps I hope the coca cola monopoly situation is sorted hahahahaha ! Thank you for the video I was really happy to see a collection so big !

  15. I thought my collection of 41 was large; I was wrong. Oh; the 100th Anniversary version? Comes out in 2035.

    18:35 — That is the 50th Anniversary Edition; have one in my meager collection.

  16. Nice collection
    I have over 100 started with wizard of oz and has grown from there my oldest one is a 1940s one

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