MYSTERY Monopoly Game! Board Game Toy Review by Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel -

MYSTERY Monopoly Game! Board Game Toy Review by Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel

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Mysterious Monopoly Board Game in Mike Mozart’s Collection! Another Monopoly Game Review by Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel on YouTube. Please check out ALL my Other Rare and Cool Monopoly Board Game Reviews including the “Looney Tunes Monopoly”


  1. It is in Modern Greek.The word ΧΡΗΜΑΤΙΣΤΗΡΙΟ under the "Monopoly" logo means "Stock Market".I suppose this clears a lot of things out:P.

  2. I have a rarer monopoly it's called create your own onoply and you get to name every street and property

  3. It,s monopoly electronic bankin and the divice is a criedit card swipe

  4. χρηματιστηριο means stock and is a greek word but there is no this this edition in greece!!!!!!

  5. it means:be a successful investor of Monopoly with an electronic scoreboard
    trade and of personal portfolio

  6. i want to buy this Monopoly.. anyone who doesnt want it any more pls answer!

  7. Its from Greece is not mysterius and i say it because im from Greece

  8. Wow, I never seen a Greek Monopoly before. That's pretty cool.

  9. Very Interesting. I did happen notice that it was in Greek right off the bat, mostly because I recognize the language, even thought i don't speak it or understand it outside of 4 or 5 words. I haven't been able to find this on eBay, but then again I haven't looked on eBay-Greece know have I? Guess I might as well.

  10. its old greek writing just look for a anchient greek alfabet and work it out

  11. This is the Greek version of monopoly because I am Greek and my friends own this same monopoly

  12. This is the Russian Edition of Monopoly! Recognize it by the russian letters!

  13. my computer webcam turned on and did random stuff but i don't have a webcam

  14. Thats not fhd irish language on the front im from ireland i speak irish and thats definitaly not irish

  15. what got my attention was pizza hut, burger king, and T.G.I. Friday

  16. it definately looks greek. i think ive seen the english version, or something very similar. it's sort of a "millionaire" monoploly. the "M" on the money, doesn't stand for "monopoly" but "million"

  17. its a restraunt TGI Fridays thank god its FRIDAYS very nice to

  18. grrr my sound cuts out every time i get to this video

  19. Can you do a review of the Sesame Street Monopoly?

  20. Χρηματιστήριο means stockmakret

  21. This is Greek, and I checked it out Google Translate and found that ΧΡΗΜΑΤΙΣΤΗΡΙΟ literally means "Listing". It is a noun and relates to the stock exchange, bourse (which means exchange and is also linked to the European stock exchange) and stockmarket.
    That is why the title deeds are companies.
    The "GO" space says (Literally) Got Salary 200M euro (sorry I can't find the symbol for it) and dividends yours just passed.
    I think (as someone who doesn't know any greek and only speaks english) that it would read, "You just passed GO, Salary and dividends 200M euro"
    Anyone who reads this let me know where I made any mistakes.

  22. whats the strange device for? and what does the go corner say? 

  23. Are you intrested in selling this?? if so please let me know

  24. Looks like an early version of Monopoly Electronic Banking (I own that game)

  25. This is a LIMITED edition (Greek version) monopoly board game and it is very rare! 😀
    (im greek btw 😛 )

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