New Evolution Games Coming in 2022! (Monopoly Big Baller, Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette & Coin Flip) -

New Evolution Games Coming in 2022! (Monopoly Big Baller, Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette & Coin Flip)

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Evolution recently held an online event where they ran through all of new games coming in 2022. Three games stood out to me and look like they could be a load of fun, so I thought I’d make a quick video with some thoughts on the new games; Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette, Crazy Coin Flip slots game from Crazy Time, and Monopoly Big Baller!

You can view the full presentation from Evolution here :


  1. Looking forward to none of them , especially if they are evolution gaming , they gotta be the biggest scammers on the planet , you only need to ask CT and Monopoly players …….. rigged to fudge !! avoid like the plague .

  2. That guy is the devil of casino all these games are fixed and scams roullete uses magnets and the wheels like crazy time and stuff use brakes within the wheel it’s all a scam and people need to wake up they are cheating us but all you lot are just happy to ignore it’s crazy. I’m not giving them no more of my hard money

  3. Crazy colinflip new game when open plz give information plzzz

  4. Monopoly Big Baller, a mix of Monopoly and Mega Ball♥️♥️😍😍😍 Which game are you most excited for?

  5. Yeah I heard and am quite keen.You know we should defs make a buck when all is new,when they still trying to gain players lol

  6. Pretty sure you'll have to pay a levy for the extreme part

  7. Mega ball is my favorite, that's literally the only game I play, Monopoly is also great I was sad when I couldn't find it. Cant wait .

  8. Exactly am also hope monopoly is coming to south africa

  9. Any news when Hollywood bets will finally launch netent, red tiger and ygdrassil games? Integration cannot take soo long

  10. Nice evolution are expanding their money making ahem.. draining business.

  11. Unfortunately no changes too Cash or crash bro , i would love to had an auto play in the game or some biger multis

  12. Present which games are available in this list in which site

  13. Give me the site link where this games are available

  14. Crazy coin flip is one segment which adds excitement because multis are really gonna be big.More over its a slot game so luck will not be at our side but if it does then we are in for earning huge bucks.I m eagerly waiting for this one to come out.

  15. It seems like it's going to get more exciting

  16. Awesome videos keep it up ,when are you going live ?

  17. Can you do a video on supabets friday free 100 spins. i would llike to try it at some point

  18. Coinflip my guy we are waiting 😭🤣🤣🤣♥️

  19. Honestly I don't know why they'd do coin flip when it's the least popular bonus. They should of done something like cash or crash with a pachinko board that has losing areas or something

  20. In betway not there xxxtreme lighting roulette

  21. Crazy colinflip game when it I'll lanch plz give date

  22. Crazy colinflip game when release br plz inform

  23. Don’t gamble if you do not get payed to play for the company ❗️

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