Not your average game of Monopoly! The Mandalorian #MandoMondays -

Not your average game of Monopoly! The Mandalorian #MandoMondays

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Hasbro & Litzky PR sent me a really cool Star Wars The Mandalorian Version of Monopoly. It don’t play the same as your average Monopoly, it introduces new elements with Battles against the Empire and the Child protection goal, as well as specific character bonuses all while managing your property and value of your assets. Retail $39.99 Happy #MandoMondays

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  1. Have you seen the 2015 or 16 star wars monopoly it's so weird

  2. This is awesome!! I appreciate that the folks at Monopoly are trying to change up the formula. There are a few versions of Monopoly Gamer that have variant rules, too.

  3. My mother hates playing Monopoly so I couldn't get it when I saw it in Disney last week. Glad to see the game looks as amazing as I thought it would!

  4. Does it have a French version of the game and where do you get it

  5. This sounds really cool! I wasn’t initially interested but now, I know what i’m asking for, for Christmas.

  6. Is there a way to have your affiliate link open automatically when I open Amazon? Otherwise I have to go find one of your videos to start the link for the rest of my shopping. Also, is there any way to see if the purchase was made under the affiliate link. These would make the process so much easier for us moofmilkers.

  7. If you come round my house to play monopoly I'd hide the rules because my house my traditinal family monopoly rules. 😛

  8. That is really cool. Monopoly can definitely take hours and hours. I love the Mando aspects of this version. Love it, Dan-O!

  9. Not much of a Monopoly player, but I could totally see myself playing this one. It sounds like fun!

  10. This version looks amazing and it’s different I saw the version with the retro figure at the Disney store .

  11. I never wanted to pick it up but now I think I do. Thanks.

  12. Hey Dano I Hope All is well and U And the family are Great. Wow, How funny you are doing a Review on this Mandalorian Game. Me And my Mom Really Enjoy playing this Mandalorian Monopoly. It Is Really An Awesome Game and Soo Fun. Crazy is when I first got it and we started playing we read and understood the instructions one way, but Me and my Mom like you we like to follow the instructions. So we went to play it again the other day after playing it like 5 Times already and we realized we have been playing it a little wrong. But I Am Soo Glad they came out with this. And Thank You For doing the review on this Game. So it gets the word out and becomes a Hit. Take Care and Be Easy. By the Way, Mandalorian episodes are Awesome, I So CANT WAIT For Fridays Now, lol. This Is The Way and I Have Spoken. Many Blessings Peace.

  13. Do a review on the star wars vintage collection x-wing

  14. Looks cool man. Nice review – very original idea!

  15. Star wars monopoly games have been the coolest and this is no exception

  16. Thanks. That is a real cool version. BTW. Miss the sidekicks the rude puppets who interrupt

  17. Thanks for doing the review! This looks greay

  18. Thanks for doing the review! This looks greay

  19. All had to hear was Mandolorian Monopoly and I was sold. Love the new take on the game🤘🏻 Be the Spark and don’t hit those babies.

  20. This is fantastic! 😆👏🏽👏🏽

  21. Hey Dan-O! Quick question: My friends and I were playing the Mando board game and we found that the game ends way too early as in we couldn't even make it to the second half of the board because of Moff Gideon. Any time we would pass Gideon with the baby we would always win and the game always finished that easily. Are we doing something wrong? Or was it completely god rng?

  22. A very thorough & fun presentation of Monopoly; Star Wars: Mandalorian Edition. You've convinced me to pick this up whenever I get the chance.

  23. Does anyone know where to get the instructions for this? We lost them in the Christmas shuffle

  24. Monopoly: Star Wars The Mandalorian Edition

    The way the rules read you have to battle any Imperial you land on or pass and Moff Gideon sends you to jail if you lose or the game ends if you win. Since he doesn't move unless all the hideouts are sold or both troopers are down to the last battle card that means NOBODY can make it past him to collect the twenty credit bounty at GO or buy up the property that is on the other side of him.

    Whoever wrote the rules of this game never tested the game play because it can not be played as written.

    The way we play it is with these modifications to the rules.

    1. You only battle an Imperial if you land on his position or he lands on yours.

    2. If you win a battle with a trooper he is vanquished to the next empty Imperial fortress.

    3. Trooper battle cards remain in rotation and troopers are never removed from the game. This keeps the challenge of combat ever present in the game.

    4. If you land on an Imperial fortress and there is no Imperial present you roll the silver dice and it puts ALL Imperials in motion that distance.

    This keeps the Imperials constantly moving about the game table and creates a faster playing game.

    The only way the game ends is if someone defeats Moff Gideon or the Imperial forces capture the Child.

    You're welcome!

  25. I got this version for Christmas yesterday ,and played with my grandparents because there a huge fan of the star wars series like I am . It was confusing to play as first ,but as we played 3 times it got easier . Also in that 3 times I lost . Lol

  26. Hey Dan O, where in the rules did you see that you roll the dice for the imperial enemies including moff Gideon because everything i have seen moff stays in the same place and the imperial enemies just only go to the imperial outposts. I ask because if you play by the rules I have read the game ends in like 5 to 15min. I'm serious I have read other reviews and people say the same stuff as me, I myself have played 5 times with 2 people in literally less than an hour.

  27. Got the storm trooper! can I use it as a player piece?

  28. Hi, I wonder if the Disney store sells this ??

  29. The game setup is fun as well as the theme and look but the gameplay itself is trash. It ends too quickly regardless if you win or everybody loses.

  30. Ok, now I want this. Then I have to find people to play with because no one in my house is a Mando fan and they all hate Monopoly (because they have grown up having never read the actual rules and like you said, it takes too long).

  31. Dan-O: I don't know how to review a Monopoly game.
    Tons of Monopoly review videos on YouTube: exist

    If I could afford it, I'd get multiple copies of this just to have plastic credits as props for my Star Wars RPG sessions.

  32. ​Great review of a fun game! The one item we've found confusing and open to different interpretations is the signet card that allows a player to trade hideouts with another player. It says, "Trade any one of your hideouts for any one of another player's hideouts. They must accept the trade. You may not trade hideouts that are part of a complete set." Here's the issue:

    • Two members of our family read "they must accept the trade" as meaning that the other player has to accept the trade, no objections allowed, and cannot block the trade from happening. 

    • The other two members of our family read "they must accept the trade" as meaning that the other player has to explicitly agree to the trade ( = "must accept" the trade itself) in order for it to go forward. That is, the other player could say, "No way, I don't agree to that!"

    This came up the very first time we played the game, and we still disagree about it. For now we are going with that first interpretation because it gives the signet card more power. But it's still technically ambiguous and more lawyerly types (heh) will object. How does your family read that one?! It seems there's no escaping house rules with Monopoly… 😉

  33. I have it, played with my husband and kid I lost to Gideon and had the child…Game over. I love it!

  34. Wasn't expecting to say this about a Monopoly game, but this sounds like something I definitely wanna give a try!

  35. Perhaps when reviewing something it would be better to show more of the game itself instead of having 90 percent of the video showing your face.. seriously wtf is this.

  36. ya voy a compararme uno solo con ver la emoción con que hizo el vídeo! saludos desde Costa Rica!

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