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Our HUGE Monopoly Collection! | Board Game Night

Board Game Night
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We share our entire HUGE Monopoly board game and merchandise collection!
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  1. my favourite Monopoly in your collection was the Australian community relief edition

  2. I just found a 1961 edition with blue traveling case. Was super excited

  3. I love Monopoly, and i have a collection of them as well. I have a few that you are missing. Watch out for The Australian Here & Now Electronic edition, Cricket Australia, Adelaide Crows, Adelaide City, The Marvel Universe and John Deere Tractor-opoly Editions to add to your collection. Great video guys, keep em coming.

  4. My favorite monopoly is the wooden luxury version. Little hands kept tearing and destroying regular one so after my third daughter recently i asked my husband to buy it and he did my middle daughter and i play it quite a bit

  5. Монополия захватывает ваши мозги.Как только тронул свою первую монополию , ты сразу хочешь купить другие версии.Даже гаджеты не захватывают ,так как монополия

  6. i have like 12 monopoly’s or so my favorite one is cheaters but i can’t play it

  7. I remember when I was younger I used to collect monopoly board games and I don't even know why, I just did. I lost all of them though unfortunately but you guys sure have an awesome collection!

  8. wow, I only have 7, congrats for your great collection!!!

  9. I collect monopoly’s as well, I’m not sure how it started 😂 but now I can’t stop, iv just got one from a charity shop that’s from America I think. Can’t find it here in the uk online and it’s worth over £100 and in mint condition 😊

  10. Nice collection. How many Monopoly's do you have?

  11. it might be just me, but I think these guys like monopoly


  13. Jeffrey scarbrough Board Games&Geek things says:

    Monopoly monday

  14. The monopoly puzzle was what got me into your channel. Wishing your family a safe and happy new year. Your friend from New York state in the US

  15. Before I started collecting monopoly. I bought the platinum scrabble. It is hugh.
    I have the extended edition of cheaters edition.
    My favorite is the original one for me, that was bought in 92 for me, from my family. That was lost for a lot of years. Finally found it this year. Brought it home, double checked everything. Fixed the box.

  16. สามแปดสี่บิท อิทส์มี says:

    the pure monopoly 😘🤟

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