Parma man boasts impressive collection of over 600 Monopoly boards -

Parma man boasts impressive collection of over 600 Monopoly boards

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During the pandemic, many people might have played more board games than usual to pass the time while staying in. There may not be a game better suited to pass time than the iconic board game Monopoly, and a man in Parma has plenty of options to choose from.


  1. Bet he doesn’t have the Alton Towers monopoly

  2. Welll he doesn't have the butlins monopoly(it from the uk)

  3. I love this me and my husband love smoking pot and playing monopoly after a long day of work and a nice cold blue moon 😊

  4. Hi my official Guinness record is 2249 from 2 years ago but I’m now at 3190 different editions best regards Neil

  5. Damn I like collecting the bookshelf editions

  6. Where's the monopoly Notre Dame edition Have you not body yet it's a rare copy

  7. Sick clown. Hoarding is a mental illness. Get some therapy.

  8. And I thought I had a problem with 60😂😅🤦🏻‍♀️

  9. That pink one!!!! Which edition is it

  10. I hope his collection includes the Monopoly Junior series (including the original 1990 version), as well as the Electronic Banking series (with the pretend credit cards and banking system to transact). I hope the people of the A&E reality TV series Hoarders do not see that. With the pandemic restrictions eased (due to the vaccinations), hopefully they continue having get-togethers involving Monopoly. It would be interesting if gambling with real money, on who becomes the last player standing (with the other players bankrupt of Monopoly money). With a collection, hopefully there should be local tournaments in a recreational Hall (for example: Knights Of Columbus). But of course, hopefully to remind the players (especially in parties) not to flip the board.

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