Parma man boasts impressive collection of over 600 Monopoly boards -

Parma man boasts impressive collection of over 600 Monopoly boards

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During the pandemic, many people might have played more board games than usual to pass the time while staying in. There may not be a game better suited to pass time than the iconic board game Monopoly, and a man in Parma has plenty of options to choose from.


  1. Welll he doesn't have the butlins monopoly(it from the uk)

  2. I love this me and my husband love smoking pot and playing monopoly after a long day of work and a nice cold blue moon 😊

  3. Hi my official Guinness record is 2249 from 2 years ago but I’m now at 3190 different editions best regards Neil

  4. Damn I like collecting the bookshelf editions

  5. Where's the monopoly Notre Dame edition Have you not body yet it's a rare copy

  6. Sick clown. Hoarding is a mental illness. Get some therapy.

  7. And I thought I had a problem with 60😂😅🤦🏻‍♀️

  8. That pink one!!!! Which edition is it

  9. I hope his collection includes the Monopoly Junior series (including the original 1990 version), as well as the Electronic Banking series (with the pretend credit cards and banking system to transact). I hope the people of the A&E reality TV series Hoarders do not see that. With the pandemic restrictions eased (due to the vaccinations), hopefully they continue having get-togethers involving Monopoly. It would be interesting if gambling with real money, on who becomes the last player standing (with the other players bankrupt of Monopoly money). With a collection, hopefully there should be local tournaments in a recreational Hall (for example: Knights Of Columbus). But of course, hopefully to remind the players (especially in parties) not to flip the board.

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